Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Story Friday

PhotoStory Friday Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Ahhh... 9 years old. Oh to be that young again. No... it's not a booger... it's lure for

a fishing pole. Clever use... don't you think?

My one eyed dog Jack. We adopted him like this 4 years ago. He is the best dog...
Look at that good eye... such a cute baby!!!


  1. How funny. Love all your photos, always something different on here Saundra!

  2. No one can capture the intrigue of a fishing lure
    quite like a boy... that's for sure.

  3. I'm glad that was a lure and not a worm!

    Your dog is adorable. :)

  4. Yuck! Boys....gotta love 'em!

  5. ewwwww, and awwwwww.

    that is great use of a lure.... I actually thought it was a worm at first, which is really gross! but nice imagination there.

    and your puppy! soooo cute! I just love him.

  6. GREAT PICS! I have a soft spot for animal rescue. And yes I made her binky. Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I don't know how I missed your question before. HUGS, Jen

  7. One nostril, one eye - and I like your approach to Photo Story Friday. I'm applauding (with BOTH hands!)

  8. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww that makes my stomach turn blech!

  9. What a sweet dog...and LOL, love the boogy nose!

  10. Love the dog, but the picture of the booger...uh lure, is disgusting! I thought I was looking at one of those freaks that puts a snake in his nose and pulls it out of his mouth! EEEEWWW!

    Great pics tho!

  11. Ps, I forgot to tell you that I added you to my list of Totally Readeriffic Blogs on my sidebar! I love coming back here to check you out! Plus, you know how much I love Purple!


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