Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Idea

I wanted to share with you something I thought up to do for my kids... everyday...
before they go to school.
Every night, while they are sleeping, I am going to put a post it note, or something of that nature where they can see it, with a word, phrase, loving thought, or one thing they did that day to make
the world a better place, or that made me proud or some other good emotion.
I went out and bought 300 index cards, and tonight, and tomorrow I am going to start writing down my favorite phrases, words, or scriptures on them so I have an arsenal of them to start off with.
Of course, I won't write them all out... because they may do something incredibly sweet one day and I'll have ammo for the index card then.
The bottom of each and every card will say...
I love you up to God and around the world infinity times... Be blessed today my son.
After hearing about John Travolta's son's death, I started wondering... in their unspeakable grief... are they wondering what the last thing they said to him was? I so feel for anyone grieving the loss of a child. It really hit home.
I yelled and said some not so nice things to one of my boys tonight, and I felt so incredibly ashamed immediately afterward... I apologized right away... but it didn't feel like enough.
I express myself so much better in the written word than I do in person, so I came up with
this little way of showing them in writing, so they can see it all day, that no matter what I say or do or what they say or do... nothing will ever shake my love for them.
On another subject... I FREAKING LOVE THAT DANG Wii!
I so hate to admit it... BUT I DO!
"I" actually love it... for ME!!!
I got a great workout today playing tennis for 1/2 hour!
We've all bowled as a family, played baseball, and golfed together too!
I don't play the Mario or the other games with the wii steering wheels... too techie for me...
but I love the Wiimotes!
I'm going to go look up Wii Fit now and see about getting it!
Who knew... me... liking a video game console...
There IS a God!


  1. Oh honey!!! What a fabulous idea!!!!! I really love it!

    As for the Wii Fit - I LOVE MINE!!! It's something we used to do, as a family, right after dinner everyday. After we moved we stopped, but starting tomorrow we're right back at it. DEFINITELY get it! I promise you won't be sorry!!

  2. That is a wonderful idea!!! my kids are after me to get a Wii, i am considering it big time...

  3. What a great idea. I want to remember that for when my boys can read!!

  4. The wii is great for family togetherness. Not to mention you will get a good laugh in too. We got the wii fit this year and I love watching the kids and adults try to balance on it. I love a good laugh.

  5. I know! I love the Wii too! We had a New Year's Eve party with Dance, Dance, Revolution-and everyone loved it. My sister, her husband and kids ended up staying until SATURDAY because we were all having so much fun...I may just finally drop that extra thirty lbs. doing this, because I Hate to work-out!
    I was so sad for the Travoltas too. It reminds me that life is only for a moment-cherish each and every second with my boys, husband, and family...I love your idea about the notes. I put them in their lunch boxes...
    God bless!

  6. I have been trying to figure out something to do to show my kids my love also. After my near miss at work I have been feeling that life is too short. You have further inspired me to find a way to show them I love them. Thank you.

  7. That is a great idea. I used to put notes
    in my nieces lunchboxes every day when they lived with us as young teens.Sometimes it just said
    "I love you and hope your quiz went well!"
    They still talk about how nice it was to get them.

  8. I love that idea Saundra... sometimes we forget how much we love our boys (kids) and this will help them, and us to remember...

  9. We have the wii fit, and we all love it. We had a wii tournament with our family on new years eve. There is a game that you play on the wii board with your bottom. So fun!

  10. We got a Wii for Christmas and LOVED it - the Wii fit is DEFINITELY a great idea for exercise!

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!


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