Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New President... Barack Obama...

today, I feel optimism. I can smell it. I can taste it.
I will not Bush bash.
His 8 years are up... goodbye...
Onward and upward shall we?
There are sooo many naysayers about our new President.
Why can't people look past party lines and just relish in the fact
that the USA has finally put on the big girl panties and elected a
History Making
This goes so beyond Republican/Democrat lines.
THIS is about humanity.
THIS is about hope.
THIS is about a renewed sense of pride.
I just want to say a BIG NEENER FREAKING NEENER to any and all former slave owners,
to any and all people who still think/believe/teach that being a black person
is somehow being a lesser person.
To all those people... all over the world... who are incensed that a beautiful black man
is now the leader of the Free world...
My boys...will never... have never... should never... view people as lesser because they are different from them.
It is not what Bill and I teach, mentor, or model.
I am so proud to have four men in my life that see the person... not the color.
I am so glad my children were born in this era and not the 50's or 60's.
They would be Mamaless, because I may have been killed protesting with the oppressed.
I would have been crossing lines, letting Rosa Parks sit in my front seat of the bus,
having white servants, attending "black" churches...
Beyond that... it really made me ridiculously sad that petty, small minded people were
picking itty bitty things like... Obama didn't wear a flag pin, he's not patriotic,
or Oh, did you see he didn't put his hand over his heart a few years back.
Are you kidding?
THAT'S what they focused on!
I have never, nor will I ever wear a flag pin.
It doesn't go with my clothes.
I must be unpatriotic.
Come ON!
His speech was firm. He asked us all to pull ourselves out of our self indulgences,
and to get to work.
I never want to hear again... after a major catastophe, to
"Go shopping... that'll show 'em"
We need a man in the Office that can tell it like it really is.
No fear tactics. We were safe for many many many years before the last regime,
and 911 happened on his watch... and, yeah, we have been "safe" for the past 8 years...
but anyone in office would have... could have done the same thing.
Oops... no bashing. Just stating facts. I just hope he was wearing a pin during the
attacks... cuz that's important, it proves he was patriot.
This country needs to be loved by the world again.
Peace means love... not fear.
Peace means consessions... and listening, and communication... not fear.
I have traveled abroad both before and after 9/11
and we are not liked post 9/11.
Our military is over 'there' doing what they do best... I believe... by maintaining a level of dignity and grace, in the line of fire, that is unmatched by any other military.
In this type of world... where anything can and will change at a moments notice...
we need to have allies...not enemies, and our military has ensured that our name is kept well, not the last administration. Our military gets those kudos... not the cowards that sent them there.
Yes, I am talking about Dems. too!
This administration really needs to heal a seemingly insurmountable amount of wounds.
He has a WHOLE lot of work to do... as do we.
I have much more of a sense of community since Nov. 4th.
I no longer feel it is "us" against "them".
WE, collectively, are one nation again, as of today.
We need to put aside the 'you' and 'me' mentality
and remember that we are
Let's fix us before we try and fix the world.
We need healthcare reform in the worst way.
We need alternative fuels.
We need a stable economy.
We need our military home,
where they can recuperate and get back to the business of living, and training, and
keeping our homeland safe.
Today... I feel a sense of pride I haven't felt in a really, really long time.
It's about time.


  1. Good for you! I loved this post! I live in Sweden and was a little shocked when some of the criticism against Obama had to do with his colour! Some people don't understand why it's historic: well, only 60 yrs ago, Obama's own father would have been refused entry to a local restaurant, or not allowed to sit on the bus. And that's within living memory!! Amazing...

    We are a multi-culutural family and it drives me crazy when people just look at the kids and see colour - not who they are.

    Thanks for this inspiring post. Restores my faith in humanity.

  2. You need to go here
    and get Obamiconed.;-)
    I'm so happy too.:-D

  3. YEA SAUNDRA! I have cried all day! Tears of Joy, Hope and Change! I am Proud to be an American!

  4. i have been in awe and shedding tears of joy..i am ready to write my obama post

  5. Wonderful post Saundra!! Bigotry is the same the world over but I am sure things will move slowly but they will change. All the best to Obama and his fmily and to you all in the USA. Change is on its way!!!!

  6. YAY Saundra! I feel much the same as you, and I am so proud and moved by this day. He is a man of action, convictions and ideas. He is strong, smart and empathetic! I am so glad to be alive today... so glad my children are living in this wonderful time in history.

  7. I love your pictures at the top of your blog! So darn cute. I too am excited for change, even though I'm scared what change actually looks like. This is a historical day and all the tears I shed from my Grandpa saying nasty things about african-americans are down the drain. I love my Grandpa, but so happy things have changed in this country! He would be turning over in his grave to see what has happened today. YEAH!

  8. Saundra though we disagree on politics your post as always is outspoken which is what I so love about you, even when I disagree!!!

  9. Hi SITS girl! I have some Inauguration pics on my blog. I work in DC, as well as a bunch of my friends, so if you want to see pics you wouldn't see anywhere else, check out my Indiana Joynes blog. Yes, it was amazing and I can't tell you how happy people were to see the beginning of this new era. Have a great 4 (or maybe 8) years!


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