Saturday, January 24, 2009

Call me crazy... but...

Okay... I have proverbially 'heard it all" now.
On tonights news, on my Yahoo site, I clicked on a little ditty about
how a kid, and when I say kid, I really mean to say 'BRAT', had a tantrum and threw
his teddy bear over the railing beside a walking park in Glendale.
When the 'brat' (who is 10 years old, by the way) screamed that he wanted it back...
his Mama and Papa did not hesitate one second and went to get it for the little angel.
The little darling... sweet child that he is and has been raised to be, ran to call 911.
The parents were rescued after a helicopter came to pull them out of the 80 FOOT DITCH!
When the news media came by to interview the Dad,
he was saying...
"Well, my son threw his bear over the railing... what could I do, he wanted it back, and he knows how to push my buttons, so I went to get it, and my wife too."
(insert sound of record needle scratching an album, here)
Out for a lovely moonlit walk with the family...
One of the kids starts to act up, and throws his toy over the railing alongside an
80 foot drop, in a hissy fit. (Heck even if it WASN'T an 80 foot drop, and just over a railing... it would go down like this)
Then demands it back...
Kid: "I waaannntt my tttooooyyyy bbbaaaccckkkk... nnnnooooowwww!"
Me: "Yeah? Aww.. that's too bad...You don't throw a fit and expect me to cater to your every whim..."
Kid: "Iiii wwaaannntt iitttttt! Mama, pppllleaaasseee!"
Me: "Uh no.. and it can stay there...and the next time you decide to act like an entitled spoiled brat... think about that toy, and how it was gone forever, buddy. WE are going home now."
Kid: " I want it... I want it... I want it...!"
Me: "Gee what a gorgeous night... too bad we can't finish our walk, and have to go home."
No way in HELL, are my kids gonna be able to talk to me like that or whine like they are entitled. At 10 years old... if one of my kids EVER acted like that and did something like that...
if they EVER threw something in anger out of the car, over a railing, in the trash, ANYWHERE!!!
I would NEVER go out of my way to retrieve it.
Getting it back just gives that kid NOTHING BUT POWER!
I don't understand why parents feel like they can/have to be treated like that by their kids!
What kind of adults do they want to raise?
Adults who were taught to respect and look up to those older than them?
Or adults who know to manipulate and whine for everything with an air of supreme entitlement?
I know... to many of you... I am the meanest Mother ever!
Ask me if I care!
I'm old school.
I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when I follow through on something like,
not getting the bear/toy out for them, IT WILL BE THE LAST TIME THEY DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN!
Ask me how I KNOW!
Yep, each of my kids tried that EXACTLY one time.
Each time... I wouldn't budge...
They know not to pull that crap, if they want to prove something.
I am not a trained seal... I am a Mother.
It's my job to do the hard stuff. It's my job to be my boys' Mom, NOT their friend.
I will never be my boy's friend... I will ALWAYS be their Mama.
My kids get sooooo worked up and MAD when they watch SuperNanny or Nanny 911.
They tell me what I would do before the Nanny get's there, and then she does the same thing.
They think those kids are the most rotten kids ever...
and I tell my boys... it's not the kid's fault... it's all the parent's fault.. they made them like that by giving in to their every whim, spoiling them rotten, not giving rewards, just giving, not praising good behavior, giving them everything just because.
I take no credit... I give my parents all the credit.
They showed me how to be a parent... not a pushover.
Oh! at the end of the newscast... a neighbor lady came by with a brand new Teddy Bear...
and the newslady said...
"So it's a happy ending... happy child, happy parents... the original bear couldn't be retrieved, so a nice neighbor bought the child (brat from hell) a new bear."
To my ears... Here's what I heard "Great job little man... next time you throw a tantrum... you will be rewarded.. and who care's that your parents ALMOST DIED trying to get your stupid bear back... what matters is that YOU are happy!"
I am very, very afraid for our future with parents like this.
I hope my boys don't marry a woman that was raised like that.
I just asked my kids.. now 14, 12 and 9 what I would have done in this situation,
they laughed and said these exact words...
"Oh man... Mom... you would have NEVER done that... neither would Dad..."
I asked them why...
They just said...
"Cuz that kid was a total brat, and no way would you ever do that for us if we
threw a tantrum..."
They they said...
"Did someone actually go get the stupid bear?"
then I told them the story... and they said they wouldn't have gotten it for their kids either..
Ahhh... I'm gonna have good grandbabies!!!
In the future.... waaayy in the future!!!
Like after college and PHD future!
Whew... had to put that out there!


  1. Wow! What a rant but I TOTALLY agree with you. When ever My Love and I watch Supernanny and they show a parent putting a child in time out like 43 times My Love always says,"What the kid needs is a spankin'" If we tell our kids to take a time out - they do it.

  2. Girl, you have pushed my buttons and I am just as angry as you with those (stupid-oops! sorry!) parents! Unbelievable, but this is becoming more the case...I can hardly stand to watch Supernanny because I get so worked up by watching the horribly behaved children and the (must be mildly retarded) parents who can't stand up to their kids! I am sure my husband and I would have completed the bear scene just like you-I am much stronger-willed them my boys and I will not cave for bad behavior. No new bear, no parent jumping to get it-bye bye bear for good.
    I have a "red bench" for tantrums, and irritating tears ( and hugs for the "I hurt myself tears"), and a wooden spoon that is used sparingly, but has been used for dangerous prediciments (like running into the street after a warning). We are complimented all the times for our boy's behavior by strangers, family, and friends. They are being trained this way out of love for them and thier future. I always tell them, "If you can learn to follow our directions, you will obey the law, and a boss one day. Better to learn it now from those who love you and want your best."
    That bear story makes me shudder!

  3. (Sorry for the term paper, but had to get it off my chest!)
    May I mention this post on my blog? I would be also linking your blog and post about this if it is o.k. with you. I will not write about this if you prefer-just let me know-Ruby Red Slippers (Lori)

  4. Lori... use away... the link would be very nice.. thank you...

    I read a book a few years ago about Death Row inmates, and every. single. one. on death row had a)never been spanked, and b)never had a dog as a child.

    When I say spanked... I mean just that... lightly, spanked on the butt... not beaten.
    Not bruised. AND... I'm not talking about babies and toddlers either... kids 5 and up.

    I can't wait for all the hot headed "I would never touch my child in anger" Mama's comments.

  5. We beat butts in this house. My kids would have been lucky I didn't throw them over the railing to fetch the bear I had bought for them.

    We went yesterday to pick up Jace and Jazz from a playdate at their friends house. We were there for ten minutes and I almost killed this other parents children. My kids will not be allowed to go over there again, for fear they will learn to act like shit heads.

    I agree with you about it being the parents fault. This story proves it! What a bunch of idiots!

  6. Sandi, Lori, Becky...
    I just love my circle of friends in this wonderful world of blog... We would all have a fabulous time in person with eachother... don't you think? never a dull moment!

    All you other Mama's that disagree with what I posted... please tell me... I'd love to hear from you too! I love friendly debate!

  7. Great post and I wish there were more parents like you. Half the problems in the world today are caused by kids who think they are entitled to anything they want in life and chuck big tantrums when they don't get it. They grow up the same, learning nothing about impulse control, responsibility, sharing or working for what you want in life. It's pathetic and I totally agree with you on this one. Great Rant!!

  8. You're nicer than we are.... this is how I envision it would be for us: teddy over the to "brat": "say bye to teddy because you just killed him and you will be paying me back as soon as we get home." Brat: (tantrum) "hey, no one told you to throw your teddy over the cliff...sorry, not happin'"...brat begins to speak again, then "1!...". mine are 16 & 9 and they both fear the 1-3 count, they know what happens when they get to 3 and they both did once and never again! I CANNOT STAND PARENTS WHO ALLOW THEIR CHILDREN TO RULE THEIR WORLD...OR DETERMINE WHAT THE FAMILY WILL BE DOING THAT DAY???? WHY WOULD A 4, 9 11 YEAR OLD DETERMINE HOW THE FAMILY SPENDS THE DAY OR WHO THEY SEE...UGGGG!!! WORSE...the parents who allow their kids to hit them and call them names....OH, DON'T GET ME STARTED...(inhale...exhale) bye!

  9. Anjanette... I feel the same way!!! Exactly!

    Why would ANY parent ask their child what the family will be doing... or if it's time to go home... unreal!

  10. Totally agree with you on everything. That story makes me sick and I too am worried about the next generation. I think I might have to copy and link back to you because I want to put this on my blog. I think you wont mind, will you? Plus, I have a few others thoughts I want to share...ooohhh you've got my mind a buzzing!

  11. friend... please do.. the link back will be great...

  12. I get you Saundra!!! Even though it breaks your heart to not give them all they want, its such a bad idea. There needs to be consequences for their actions. Altho sometimes I just want to give in and take the easy way out, I know its not in their best interest to do so. and I cannot believe someone brought him a new one!!!!

  13. Mimi, I don't feel bad at ALL about not giving them all they want.

    If they get it all now... they won't have any appreciation of how to work for what they want later in life.

    I am proud to be the meanest Mama in the world!

  14. Ooooh girl looks like you have pushed some buttons from some good old school mommas! lol I totally agree with you! At times I think our three year old is going to be out of control but then we always get complimented on our childrens' behavior. I can't count the number of times we've been in a restaurant and older couples have come over to our table to compliment our childrens' behavior. Makes me feel like I AM doing SOMETHING right!! We have rewards for good behavior, chores, timeouts, soap in the mouth for bad language, spankings and plenty of toys put in the trash because they don't know how to show respect for things they are given and I'll be damned if my children grow up feeling entitled. This is how I grew up and although at times I thought my parents were so mean I now know why they did the things they did. I AM THANKFUL FOR THE WAY I WAS RAISED AND PROUD OF MY PARENTS FOR THE WAY THEY RAISED THEIR CHILDREN BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB A PARENT CAN HAVE!! I WILL RAISE HARD WORKING RESPECTFUL MEN IF IT KILLS ME!! At times I wonder if maybe I can be too mean but my children are respectful, extremely loving and friendly and even though my children get spankings occasionally I do not beat my children but they know what I say goes. I know plenty of parents who are SO against spanking and some are against punishment period but their children are the worst of all and they are also some big old BABIES. My nephew was never spanked and she tried to 'EXPLAIN' everything....this is the same son who is now 16 and in drug school! I love him but he is one of the most disrespectful teenagers I know! I am in no way saying I have all the answers or that my kids are perfect because they still get in trouble but they in NO way rule my life and they know they aren't going to walk all over me. THE PARENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE AUTHORITY FIGURE NOT THE CHILDREN and THAT my friends is where SO many parents go wrong!! Wow sorry I think I just left a post instead of a comment but YOU got me going and once I get started...............

  15. after reading all of this, what else can i say but AMEN!

  16. Woo hooo!!! I love that this post got the dander all up!!!


  17. Great post!! I hate spoiled brats too!!!

  18. My son is Autistic and NO WAY IN HELL would I go over a ledge, bridge, or anywhere to get a bear he threw down. No way,no how.

  19. My favourite question to a child who was acting up in public was "Do you want to go to the parking lot?" My eldest, who is almost 38 (how did that happen) said she and the other three would talk about what would happen if they went to the parking lot. They all agreed it would not be a good idea to find out. A little fear never killed them..lolol I have 4 very well behaved grand daughters.


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