Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Story Friday!

PhotoStory Friday Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

It's Photo Story Friday... and I thought I would show you my view from carpool every day.

Well, not every day... the mountains don't have snow on them all the time...

Oh... You know what I mean!

Ya gotta love a snowcapped mountain and a palm tree in the same picture.

So Cal is the only place you can surf and snow ski in the same day!
That's our story... and we're stickin' to it! I live about 30 minutes from this one. That cloud looks ominous... doesn't it? I took this one the same day as the other... just at Will's Soccer game.


  1. oh my goodness. that is just beautiful!!! i live in the midwest...flat and cold and lots of fields. u have scenery...we get cows! ha!

  2. I haven't been here for many interesting things to see and read!

    First of all, I LOVE your new banner :-) So fun!!!

    Earthquake in So. Cal? How did I miss that? I have to call my parents and ask them about it. I got an email from them this morning and they didn't mention it.

    I remember how scary they could be though...glad you are all right!

    Great pics of your kids....enjoyed catching up!

    I will start following you so that I don't miss all the good stuff again :-)

  3. I have to tell you first of all...Purple is my favorite color! Just so you know!

    Love the pics of the mountains! Gorgeous!!! No palm trees in Colorado, but you know we have the snow capped mountains...well more like snow buried mountains. LOL!

  4. Katie... MMEEE TOOOOO! It's my "signature Color" to quote from my fave movie.. Steel Magnolias.

    Rachael... thanks for stopping by again... I'll stop by yours and follow u 2!

    Momma... cows are good!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I remember being in Tucson a while back and seeing the snow capped mountains while it was a dry 90 degrees on the ground. Amazing. :)

  6. Those are amazing pictures! I've always loved that about're on the beach one minute and then take a little drive and you're looking at snow-capped mountains. I miss the west coast.

  7. I completely love those pictures. You are so incredibly lucky!

  8. I LOVE that last pic. It is so beautiful. It could win at the fair I bet. I like all the layers. What a shot.

  9. I don't believe I've ever seen snow capped mountains and a palm tree in the same pic ~ too cool! With the view you have, I will be coming to visit....tomorrow!!!

  10. Blue... I feel incredibly blessed... for sure.

    Becky... Really? Win? Wow! Thanks!

    Angela... I'll put the kettle on... and we can sit by the pool a roast marshmallows in my fire pit.

    Aly... totally

    Sneaky... 90 and snow??? Wow! That is cool.

  11. I am so glad all are safe!!! And what beautiful scenary and i love love your new header!!!

  12. Sometimes we can ski and golf in the same day -- but there's not a lot of surfing in the Great Salt Lake.

  13. I love your new header, Saundra :)

  14. I love that first one with the snow-capped mountains and the palm tree!

  15. Thanks mel!

    Chris...lots of Salt though huh? sorry.. that was really dumb of me.

    Braja... why thank you my dear.

    Carrie.. me too!

  16. We went to Disneyland that day (the 18th) and everyone who saw pictures commented how cold it looked. Wasn't the snow on the mountains amazing?

  17. Great photos but I am loving your new header even more. The purple and green - well its so Italian hey? I love those colours together!! And great photos too - gosh you are clever, are you doing the headers yourself? You are really creative - like you didnt know this already....have a great Sunday! You would like Australia if you love Italy - well it reminded me of southern Italy except we dont have the old buildings...

  18. Just beautiful!
    I tell ya, you cannot beat Calif for the wide variety of climates and terrain we enjoy!

  19. Awww.... I was born and raised in So Cal so I totally get these pictures. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the lovely flash of life at home. I'm in CO now, and there are no palm trees and more importantly, NO OCEAN!


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