Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesdays Tribute... Braja

Oh crap!
Tuesdays Tribute was supposed to be about someone elses blog!
So read the one below this one about Snack Bar ladies and get your giggle on...
and stay here for my tribute to one of my faves.
Her writings, her personality, her verve, her love of life, her positivity, her ability to love, her
spirituality all come alive then she puts fingers to keyboard.
She recently had a HORRENDOUS accident that involved her husband, their cab driver and a truck in India, and after many surguries and prayers they are slowly on the mend.
Never let it be said that just because we don't 'see' each other on our blogs, or get to do lunches, or attend each others birthdays, that we don't love each other on the blogosphere, or that we don't feel when one of us is hurting.
Braja and Jahnu (her hubby) accident resonated on the blogs, and we hurt for her, and worried for them, and prayed for them, and cried for and with them.
So much love can come through the written word, which is why it is my favorite form of
expression... especialy for love.
Visit Braja's blog and read her past posts.
An entire world will open up to you. She is on my sidebar, or you can click on her name in this post at the top.
She is exceedingly entertaining, funny, and soulful.
You will love her as much as I do...I'm sure.

Tribute to Snack Bar Czar's everywhere!

Since I wasn't home last night to watch DWTS, (it's on my DVR) I have decided to
participate, for the first time, in Tuesdays Tribute, with Jay, at Halftime Lessons.
This may be difficult for me, because this post is supposed to be about someone
else but me. Those of you who know me... know how difficult this may be for me... LOL.
My tribute, today, however unorthodox, will be about Every Snack Bar Manager for the Local Little League on the planet.
They should be deified.
They should not be admonished.
They should not be forgotten.
They should be forgiven...
Forgiven when they snap at a customer for asking the SAME question 62 other people just asked, even though the answer is printed on a piece of paper 12 inches from their nose at eye level.
Forgiven for not having Jalapeno's for the freaking Nachos, she has a LOT to shop for, deal with it!
Forgiven for forgetting the bag of popcorn in the microwave that exploded and burned to a black crisp while a customer waited, she was trying to multi task.
Forgiven for looking at her colleagues sitting on the tables, not 12 feet away from her, talking and laughing, and wanting each and every one of them, including her husband, to be hit with a bolt of lightening so powerful it would make them grow curly hair like a werewolf all over their bodies. She just wanted someone to ask if she needed a little help... it was her first day.
The ladies that run the Snack Bar for their kids sporting events
are a breed unlike any other, I have recently discovered.
They are a little crazy.
They are a bit high strung.
They are control freaks.
They like things done their way, or take the highway.
They are organizational wrecks when the Snack Bar is treated like a storage facility for filthy
dirty garden tools.
Have you kissed your Snack Bar Lady today?
I am looking for the Shrine to Lisa, our Snack Bar Manager for the past few years.
If I can't find it, I am going to make one for her, Kinda like a Buddha Shrine complete with candles, and a picture of her, and a kneeling bench to pray.
Thank you Niki, Eileen, Lisa, and whomever else took on the daunting task of the
unforgiveable sin to take on such a feat.
What were you ... crazy?
This is Saundra, signing off, this years local Little League Snack Bar Czar.
yeah, I know.. this was supposed to be about someone else.
Sue me...
Fire me please... from my post!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Money Monday 3rd Edition

Great ways to teach kids about Money.
It is staggering to me how many teens don't know how to count back change.
I love all the techie stuff that comes along... but, seriously... it just makes us lazy.
Kids and money, and kids and learning the respect of money management go hand in hand.
My son is not yet 15, and for some reason... because he gets a couple of magazines in his name,
Credit Card companies have decided that my son needs a credit card.
At 14.
I know the companies send out massive amounts of brochures and applications to college students and kids who are of working age... but 14!
When we recieve those, I tear up the insides, and place them back into the PREPAID envelope that came with it, and send the torn up Application and CHECKS back to the company.
The company only has to pay postage on the envelope IF IT IS RETURNED to them, so I send them their junk mail right back. I do it with a lot of junk mail. It makes me feel a little like
a vigilante. Yes, I am THAT boring.
ANYWAY... I digress...
Kids and Money.
It is NEVER too early to teach kids about money.
From the very first time someone gives them money in a card and the kid just stares at it like..
"Uh... this is SO not a present!"
There lies your opportunity to teach, after the party goers are gone, of course.
So many parents rush right out to let their little darling spend, spend, spend... right away.
Others take the money from the little darling
and tell him/her they are going to "save" it for them.
Note to parents... When you use the word save in conjuction with TAKING THE MONEY AWAY from the child, they will never truly appreciate the word "save" in the right way,
just so ya know!
I hope to help said parents in this post.
Depending on the age of the child, lets assume it's a smallish child... 4-6 years of age.
Place the money on the table and sit down and look at the money...
then ask questions.
"Do you know how much money that is?"
"You sure got a lot of great things for your party today... and wasn't it generous of Auntie Matilda to give you money so you can go shopping for something later on?"
"Where do we keep money? In our pocket? Or in a Bank? Or do we just throw it away?"
"What do you see Mommy and Daddy use money for?"
"What number is that on the money?
When 20 questions gets boring...
Then move on to...
"Where do you want to keep it safe?"
"How about you and I figure out how we are going to let you use your money."
It depends on your religious, personal or whatever beliefs...
But what I used to say was...
"Okay... in our house, all money we get gets divided into three places. Savings, Charity, and Mama's Slush Fund... Oh wait... No! Household... yeah that's it ... Household. So...
Here's how I am going to teach you how do look at money like a grown up...
1. Always pay yourself. That means, always put 10% of everything you make or get into a savings account... always. It is for things like college, a house, to pay for things when times get tough. (a child is NEVER too young to be brainwashed... er... I mean... taught that they need to provide for themselves for a rainy day... never. too. young.)
2. To whom much is given... much is required. To the child I said "Always try to take care of those less fortunate than you. There are many kids in the world who don't have toys, and parties, or parents... and it is our responsibility to take care of those who can't take care of themselves. So we give from our time, talent or treasure... and money is treasure. It feels really good to give to others...
It makes our hearts warm and keeps other people warm too. So we can give what you feel you want to give... but usually we give 10%. If you want to give more... that's fine too"
3. This is the part the child is waiting for... the part where they find out how much is actually theirs to keep. So when I told my sons their take was $16 out of the $20, they were thrilled!
It may as well have been a million!
Then to sweeten the deal... I reminded them it was actually $18, but $2 was saved. I tell them how it starts to add up so fast! So the next time they get money, I make a HUGE deal about how big their saving account is getting. They get really excited!
The earlier you start... the more of a sound money foundation you will build.
I have never given an allowance for chores or housework. I told my kids that we are a family and we do for eachother out of love and respect for one another... and with that love and respect come the ability to use our money for things they need and at time things they just want.
If you do give an allowance... help them see it as a means of building wealth and some security for themselves.(for older kids) Help them to save up for something they really want.
Maybe start up a Household Matching Fund, like a 401K. You will match what they put into their savings accounts.
It gets their heads ready for the real world a lot sooner, and it won't be such a shock when the paycheck comes and it's all dwindled down.
Oh yeah.. and back to my top comment.
Teach kids to count back change.
Use Cheerios, coins, Monopoly money... whatever...
It will go a long way in making the kid seem JUST a tad more bright than the next
candidate for a job during college.
I hope this post was helpful to many of you!
Enjoy your week!
Save, eat in... and brown bag it a little this week!
Put the savings into a saving account!
Have a lucrative week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is it time for bed yet?

Holy Moly.
It's days like today that make me melancholy for the days when my kids were
small, and needed to just be fed, changed, bathed and cuddled.
Today was Opening Ceremonies for our Little League, of which I am the Snack Bar Czar.
We were at the park at STUPID o clock... about 6:30 a.m. to set everything up.
We sold donuts, and cookies, and cake and coffee, and ... and... and....
Then I had to leave at 9:15 to take Will to his double header at school,
then home to UNset up the junk we took to the park...
then I had to have an anxiety attack because my backyard neighbors had their music blasting so loudly, my windows were shaking...
And right now... in addition to my own three boys... I have two other boys over
for a sleep over.
They are sweet kids... I just don't handle sleepovers well. I get all bijiggety when I have someone elses kids in my house... my senses are even more heightened... I get
nervous having the added responsibility. Their SOMEONE elses loves of their lives...
I need to TAKE EXTRA CARE of them... and all that stuff.
I'm fine... I just don't sleep when I have other kids in the house.
I'm gonna LAUGH if Bill's snoring... which can be heard across the entire country,
keeps them all up. They are all sleeping on my L shaped couch and pull out bed. Only one room away from Sir Snores A Lot.
After tonight... I should get all kinds of sympathy from the boys.
Mama came over and colored my hair for me, and marched herself over to the backyard
neighbors house to give them a piece of her mind. The loud thumping "music" was just too much. It literally shook my house.
I am sooo done with them.
The sad thing is, the owner always takes in roommates, and they are all rude, obnoxious and
selfish. WE have to constantly retrain the new recruits to the neighborhood policy of keep your music and foul language to yourselves, yes even at 4 a.m.
They are such duffusses!
I am so tired.
So tired of rude, inconsiderate, foul talking, selfish, beasts.
I will probably have to call the cops tonight...
We can't keep asking them to turn it down... and them not listening...
Happy Saturday.
I think I'm PMSing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Favorites and Friday High Five

Okay... it's Friday...
I'm supposed to post my favorite things that happened this week.
Instead... I'm changing it to whatever I deem my favorite of anything.
No one like a braggart about what went right all week... I quickly came to find out last week.
LOL! Also, I really like Angela, and she is hosting a Friday High Five!
My 5 Favorite Movies
1. Steel Magnolias
2. Working Girl
3. A walk to Remember
4. Rock a bye Baby
5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
1. Green Tea
2. Shirley Temples
3. Di Saronno on the Rocks
4. Stella Rosa Wine
5. Coffee
Share yours with me?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Writer's Workshop

MamaKat's Writers Workshop
5.) Your friend tells you he can pick up any girl at the bar, no matter what he says. You bet him $100 he can't. Create the world's worst pick up line and send your friend off into the crowd. What happens?
I actually had this line used on me once... and I almost threw up on the guy that used it...
So... I would arm my friend with this stupid, stupid, stupid line...
"That is a great outfit you have on... it would look great crumpled up on my bedroom floor"
So... let me set the mood and tone of the fictitous room for ya...
It's a swanky nightclub in LA.
Only the truly fabulous are allowed behind the velvet ropes... while miles of patient
"others" wait at the door, hoping to make it in...
We know the owner of the club... we got there early, scoped out our private cabana, and got the Champagne chilling in advance.
Finally, it's 10:00 p.m., the place starts to fill up, the music is pumping, the women are gorgeous and the men are fierce. My friends and I are enjoying ourselves, dancing, laughing, sipping, not getting drunk... just relaxing and unwinding after a long week of work...
In walks another friend of ours... his name is Chet, but we call him the Nerdmeister behind his back. He's a nice enough guy... but he is a braggart, a one upper, he's done it all, seen it all, been everywhere... type of guy. He wears his shirts tight, silky, and one button too many undone...
he fancies himself Italian, and wears the Italian horn on a too thick chain that nestles in his too thick, exposed, chest hair. He's 100% Polish...so why the horn? We don't know either. He sidles up to our group, thumbs up, pelvis gyrating like Uncle Fred after too much to drink at Cousin Glady's wedding, and he is biting his lip... all at the same time.
We like him... at work... where he is "toned down"... but out... in public... we tolerate his antics.
Immediately... he starts "dancing' with Sophia, a co - worker, and rubbing his frontal region up and down her side... we see her get visibly nauseous. Chet proceeds to greet every woman in the group this way and while doing so, brags how he can have any woman in the club, with any line, anytime... so we'd all better start lapping him up now... cause the line is gonna get long very soon... Such fun. He. Must. Be. Stopped.
Me: Hey Chet... get your greasy mess of hair over here... you haven't "danced" with me yet.
Chet: Well... you got it... here I come... ready or not!
Me: {{In my head.. NOT!!!!! SSOOOOO NOT!}} Okay, big boy... I've got a bet for ya... so get over here fast... try walking... not that Uncle Fred thing ya got goin' on...
Chet: Ohhhhh..... She's got a BET for me... what do I win... a night with all the ladies?
Me: (swallowing my throw up again) Ugh... no silly... Winner gets a $100 bucks!
You game? Wanna... play... Chet?
Chet: You know me, baby... always game for game!
Me: Okay, big boy... I'll bet you $100 bucks you can't pick up any woman in this bar with a line I'm gonna tell you to use.
Chet: NO PROBLEMO BABY! Chetmeister can, and will have to beat 'em off with the proverbial stick... give me the line...
Me: Okaaaayy... reaadddyyy? You have to say... as your opening line...
"That's a great outfit you have on... it'd look even better crumpled up on my bedroom floor."
Chet: That ONE! EASY!!! I've been looking for a good time to use that one... I LOVE THAT ONE! Okay... one more sip of my Zima, and I'm off.
Me: I slap the $100 bucks on the table, and send the little man off to war.
Girl #1... just stared blankly at him and turned her back to him.
Girl #2 laughed in his face, REALLY loudly.
Girl #3, led him to the restroom by his necklace and left him there alone.
Girl #4...well... her boyfriend didn't like what he said too much and grabbed a little too much chest hair when he went for Chet's collar, and Chet squealed like a baby pig.
Did that stop Chetmeister? Nope.
Girl #5... she was a keeper. She seemed genuinely interested, pressed her body close to his,
carressed his chest over the silky sleazy gray material, and whispered something in his ear.
He glanced over at all of us, and made a face like... "Oh yeah... that money is alllll miiinne!"while biting that stupid bottom lip again.
When she finished whispering... we couldn't believe our eyes... Chet was taking his beloved
shirt off, and handing it over to her. She lunged at him to hug him and handed his shirt to her
friend who was standing directly behind Chet. The friend asked the bartender for a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut giant holes out of Chet's shirt, then threw the shirt onto the crowded dance floor.
The girl was gyrating with Chet until the deed was done, slapped Chet across the face, and told him to fetch his shirt off the dance floor... it didn't look as good as she would have thought... on the floor... so no go. And she walked off.
Chet...unphased, because that's just the kind of guy he is... came over, holey shirt on, and pulled out a $100 and handed it over to me, and said...
"Gotta work the kinks outta that line... it's a great one... just need to work on my delivery a little better..."
Some people will never learn.
Chet still lives with his Mother, and their 12 cats.
He prefers beer over Zima's now, and doesn't wear his Italian Horn necklace any longer.
He now wears white jeans, a blue muscle shirt under an electric black blazer, {{Miami Vice style}} when he goes out to "Check out the Ladies". Unfortunately, his waist is now a 44, and his chest hair is all grey.
He aspires to single handedly bring back the "Mullet" hair style, after watching
Adam Sandler in "Don't mess with the Zohan".
Good knowin' ya Chet.

Wordful Wed

My almost 15 year old boy.
He makes me exceedingly proud...
He is a team player through and through.
A natural born leader...
misunderstood at times,
but he doesn't care...
He is just a boy who cares about doing the right thing.
His coaches might not see his potential right now...
But we think he is all the greats... rolled into one...
especially in his heart...
Where it truly matters.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DWTS, and stuff

My Melissa KILLED it last night...
Once again...Holly who?
The judges gave out 3's! Jerks!
Come on!
I'm surprised the judges didn't start cussing at them and kicking them in the shins while they were at it. It was cruel!
That French dude... Ohh la la!
I was mesmerized by Shawn... she was wonderful!
I had another PC show last night... It was great!
Over $600 in sales and more orders coming in.
Really great people too.
The microwave wouldn't cook the chicken at all... it TOOK FOREVER!
It was actually funny.
I've been doing this business for 9 years, and there is still
something to make me laugh at myself about... at every show.
Ya gotta think on the fly in sales, when things don't go as planned.
I was definitely kept on my toes last night, with that stupid non cooking microwave.
It was a comedy of errors, that, I think, helped me book a ton of shows.
By the way... where is everyone?
I have 82 followers, and maybe a handful of comments.
Are we all off on fabulous vacations for Spring Break?
I miss hearing from all of you... lurkers and all!
Is my content boring?
I don't think I'm offending anyone... wait... {sniff, sniff} (checking under the arms) nope...
I shower every single day!
In 5 days, I start working our Little League Snack Bar 6 nights a week... I'm gonna need
you all for sanity and support...
Come back!!!
Come Back!!!
Whereever you are!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Money Monday 2nd Edition

With the AIG people getting their bonuses, and the Citibank guys buying Gulfstreams, and
The Automaker Head Honcho's traveling to D.C. in private jets...
I think a lot of people are wondering...
"Hey... when do we get to see some of the money 'trickle down'?
The truth is... we won't.
Those who have money... really like having it and keeping it.
Can you blame them?
One thing I know for sure... is... I am not rich, at least not monetarily...
Sad... but, oh so true.
I am not rich.
BUT... I know a lot of people that are, or have met many people that are rich.
My personal definition of being a 'rich' person is...
"One who never has to work another day in their lives, and still maintain the level of lifestyle that bewilders and is way above the norm."
{{I'm not talking about the Uber Rich... like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Oprah}}
I'm talking about the regular folk rich.
Rich, truly, monetarily rich people have a couple of things in common...
no matter where they live,
who they are, what their nationality, or their creed.
No one likes being taken advantage of.
Have you ever heard of the Millionaire Next Door?
You know... the guy that has been driving the same truck for 15 years, lives in his average
tract house, waters his own lawn, gets his own mail, wears his clothes until they are moth eaten...
And when he dies... he leaves an estate worth millions of dollars to his grandkids
and his favorite charity?
Yeah, him. There are a lot of those guys around.
They get REALLY, REALLY mad when anyone tries to brag about them and tell how loaded he is. He likes his life, doesn't have to worry about anything, and doesn't want to draw attention to himself... but why?
Why wouldn't he want to shout from the mountain tops how well he has it? How he can afford anything and everything his heart desires?
BECAUSE he knows he will be OVERCHARGED, OVERSOLD, and OBSCENELY fawned over.
Many, many, many people in sales are told to "upsell" when they know a customer can afford to pay more. Mind you... they won't be getting more for their money... just more money will be spent... on the same stuff, but with ADDED EXTRA'S that actually mean nothing is added to the quality of the product.
Those Millionaires next door KNOW HOW TO TREAT MONEY. They treat it with respect.
They know that spending it will inevitably mean they will have less at the end of the day.
They know that credit cards are from the Devil himself.
They know that if they buy it on "time" they can't really afford it.
They know how quickly cars depreciate... so they don't HAVE to have a brand new one every two years.
They know to buy only what they can use... and no more.
They know what to invest in... things they use everyday.
The don't fall for infomercials claiming "get rich quick" schemes.
They don't buy $900 shoes... just because they can. Don't get me wrong... they like nice things, and good quality... but not just because... there is always a reason behind a purchase.
The buy real estate, that will appreciate, even when the bottom falls out.
We can learn a lot from that Millionaire Next Door.
A whole lot.
Have you ever seen the woman walking down the street with the $1500 Marc Jacobs bag that just came out in Paris... and her kids shoes have holes in them?
Or how about the woman on Oprah last year... she spent $600 a month on Starbucks, got her nails and hair done every week, bought thousands in clothes every month,
and applied for those "line of credit" statments that came in the mail, and
Remember her?
I wanted/still want to SLAP HER ACROSS THE FACE!
This ecomonic downturn... I know... I know... I'm gonna say it... has been a blessing in disguise.
Yeah.. I said it.
It is bringing parents and their kids out of the clouds...
People are cooking at home and eating together now.
People are going to parks, playing catch and having picnics again.
Our country has had to have "money talks" with kids, and to inform their formerly extra spoiled children that the money tree has died, and they may have to... gasp... find a part time job
over the summer if they want to have money.
I think it is a great thing!
The next generation may actually pull their heads out of their proverbial butts and
know what a hard days work is all about!
Once they figure out how fast their money disappears after buying all their wants... I bet they start focusing on needs more.
A little hard work never killed anyone... not even teens.
The day Paris Hilton came on the scene... I saw a monster in the making. I still don't know why she is famous FOR DOING NOTHING! Immediately... girls HAD to HAVE all the things she did. What does Paris truly have that the young girls of the world don't? Oh yeah.. that little thing called... THE LAST NAME OF HILTON AND A HOTEL CHAIN... It was so sad to see all the girls lust over a purse... when their parents couldn't make the rent. But shame on the parents for giving the girls the purse instead of paying the rent.
BEING rich and LOOKING rich are two completely DIFFERENT things.
I sure hope the teens that learn to scale back their wants and get those part time summer jobs become the Millionaires next door in the next generation.
They don't become Millionaires by accident.
It takes work... and discipline... and more work...
Ask me how I know...
My goal is to be a Millionaire Next Door.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites...
Another new series I am starting, so my kids will know, when they read my blog book,
what went right in a particular week.
It might be boring for some, and it might provide inspiration for others.
I am trying to add a Mr. Linky... but not having any luck.
My favorite things that happened this week
March 15, 2009
1. Alex had a great interview and got into school for next fall!
2. William found one of the many phones he lost!
{{That child is gonna make me wanna dig and hole and bury my head in it.. I swear!}}
3. I bought a new purse! and it's HOT PINK inside!
4. The weather has been so beautiful!
5. Johnny was in a play and did a wonderful job!
6. I had two very lucrative Pampered Chef shows this week!
7. Market night was fun and a success!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Writers Workshop

Time for Writer's Workshop!
Here are the prompts I chose...
1. I used to think...
2. List 10 things you can do in 3 minutes.
3. Describe a time you allowed your child to do something that you normally would not let slide.
Oh! These are gonna be fun!
I USED TO THINK... that MY kids would NEVER be like... (fill in the blank)
Were you that kind of person?
I was.
Then I had kids.
I remember thinking my neighbors kids were total BRATS, and when I had kids, THEY WOULD NEVER act like that... I would be the BEST MAMA in the whole world... and my kids were gonna
be angels... because I will set the best example... and have all the time in the world to devote to making sure they are well mannered, quiet, angelic, polite, perfectly coiffed, never dirty...
CUT! AAAAnnnnd scene... THAT DREAM WAS OVER THE SECOND my oldest turned 3.
Oy Vay! I remember... ACTUALLY REMEMBER... wait for it... wait for it...
GIVING ADVICE to my co-workers WHO HAD CHILDREN... and I DIDN'T, actually giving advice to them, and I was... ahem... er.... 21.
Oh the 20's... ya gotta love 'em! So much knowledge... so much diarrhea of the mouth!
These ladies had kids from babies to teens... and here I was... doling out unsolicited advice...
like I was some BabyGuru or something.
I get the willies just thinking about my doing that. I am sooooooooooo
I didn't have William until I was almost 26... so... yeah... I knew nothing about anything when I was talking to them. I have to give those ladies credit... they didn't say anything TO MY FACE...
and were actually quite sweet. I, on the other hand, would have given me an earful, if I had been one of them.
I USED TO THINK...that being married was always going to feel like the day we got married, FOREVER. I am happy to say it doesn't. It goes up and down, and sideways, and backwards, and inside and outside... and all kinds of twists and turns.
The butterflies I used to feel aren't around anymore... but instead, to replace those...
is a deep level of admiration and respect, that I feel, are a welcome respite from all the
hoopla of new, early love. I laugh and chuckle at the profiles I read where the ladies describe their husbands in almost all of their profile.
I want to say... "It's about you, honey... YOU! You can be separate and together at the same time! It's okay! You can be who you are separate from him... he won't mind, he may even think it's sexy!"
I don't know.. maybe it's because Bill and I have been together for 19 years now, that I just
see him as a partner and a welcome addition to my life... but NOT my life, and
certainly not the MEANING of my life. I don't expect to be the meaning and life in his life either.
It doesn't mean I love him any less or any more than anyone else... it's just different.
I saw my parents marriage fall apart because they expected their marriage to be the same after 22 years together, and my Mama expected to still be giddy and excited and uber affectionate... and it doesn't always end up like that... love changes,and deepens, and matures, and
we have to change with it. To recapture the new love can be fun... but not always reasonable or attainable... especially after so much life has been lived!
We have our separate interests, our common interests, our separate likes and dislikes, our common ones too, and I like that I can have a life in writing and being who I am with my girlfriends both online and in person, separate from being his wife...
Ugh.. I'm just being touchy and sensitive today... because I had a long chat with a cousin today about how she wants her hubby to do and be and go and love EVERYTHING she does...
and she asked me for my opinion... and she didn't like it. She really thought I was going to be on her side... and I just couldn't be. Men and women are innately different... coming from two separate lives, trying to mesh into one life...and both need to keep some of who they were before the marriage... 'cause that's who we fell in love with before the marriage. Know what I mean?
Okay... I'm done.
2. Describe a time you allowed your child to do something that you normally would not let slide.
Doesn't happen... I am a mean Mama. Nothin' gets past me.
1. put on my makeup... I love Bare Escentuals!
2. Make Killer Salsa
3. Ah! Who am I kidding... I'm lucky you read this far... I am so longwinded!
I won't bore you anymore!
Thanks for reading this far!
You are officially in my will!
half of nothin' is nothin... but still... you'll get an honorable mention!

Wordful Wednesday

The week in Review...
Click here to see more!
Johnny was the lead in a play... he had to play a blind man named Simon, from the Bible,
And had to sing two solos... and if I ever figure out how to upload the video I took, I'll do that... This is Braja... my friend in India, who was in a horrendous car accident in Mayapur. She and her husband have undergone many surgeries, and her husband is still in critical condition... prayers are requested. Yes, she is a red head, from Ireland, ended up in India, by way of Australia... She is fascinating. This is a plate of cookies I was trying to send to a friend in Boston... that the mail mart wouldn't take. Weird huh? Wanna see more? Head on over to Angies by clicking on the flowers above!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dancing with the Stars.. My Melissa Rocked it!

Did you see my daughter Melissa? Did you see how well she did? Ooohhh.. here hair was so big and beautiful! I just watching her getting revenge by living well! I still can't stand you Jason! I really can't! *** Steve-O? The guy from JackA**, hurt his back... wait a minute! Didn't he... like...get thrown down a hill in a shopping cart and hit a brick wall for his stupid show? And a Cha Cha Cha had him in an ambulance? Hmmm.... *** I still love me some Steve Wosniak. So dang cute! *** Holly who? Really... I'm at a total loss... *** Denise Richards... a little snarky... a little aloof. She bugs me. She gorgeous... but she bugs me. *** Can I just say... that if it weren't for Melissa being on the show... I'd be a little UNDERwhelmed? It doesn't feel like DWTS yet. Maybe it's because I am trying to get my 2nd child into a certain school, and the applications, interviews and test taking have me in a jumble? or The fact that I am going to be the Snack Bar Czar for our Little League Baseball in two weeks, and it is kinda overwhelming me? I want it done a certain way... and I just don't think anyone is going to be willing to change. Oh... Okay... Pity party over. I watched... I saw... I wrote... I'm going to bed. Nighty Night!

Money Mondays

This is a new post I am instituting on Mondays, called Money Mondays.
I know.. I'm sooo original.
I love to shop, and spend... but also know when to reign it in...
I want to help others do the same...
So... my first edition of
Enjoy, and ... er... comment... I'm also an attention whore!
I stole this from my other Blog...
*** Times are tough... At least that's what the talking heads have been saying lately. For me? I have always been of the mind that eating out and spending tons of money on ordering in isn't a good use of my funds... I'd much rather have great kitchen tools, or a great pair of shoes for my money, instead of just one meal. Which is why I started this particular blog in the first place... a little over a year ago. Since I know how to cook, I do it often, and save valuable money. We go out to dinner very occasionally, mostly for Anniversary and birthdays. That's it. I even came up with a great way to save my money and MAKE myself cook more often. *** When I felt the urge to just chuck it all, and call the hubby and say "We are going out to dinner", I restrained myself, looked in my cupboards for something to put together for dinner, and made it. I didn't like doing it... I really wanted someone else to serve me that night... but I did it. Yeah, I know... big whoop. You cooked dinner... I know, I know... BUT... I called my hubby back and told him nevermind.. I made dinner... then asked him this question... I said "Bill, if we had gone out... what do you think you would have ordered?" His answer? Prime Rib and all the trimmings. Then I thought of what the 3 boys usually order and myself. I tallied up what dinner out would have cost us that night, and WROTE MYSELF A CHECK FOR $120.00, and DEPOSITED IT INTO A SAVINGS ACCOUNT. That money was going to be used for ONE MEAL! for ONE NIGHT! Even if it was only $50 or $25! or even $15! It still goes into the savings account! We buy nothing on time or credit. Ever. Except our home and new car. Now... it's even easier... because whenever I want to do something 'easy' and pay for something I can already do myself.. I pay myself what it would have cost. Do you know how nice it was to walk into a store and choose the Front Loading, NameBrand all the bells and whistles, WITH THE STANDS, brand new washer and dryer set and PAY CASH, OUT THE DOOR FOR IT? We don't bat an eye when the boys say they need new baseball stuff, or new shoes for this or that... our Do It Ourselves Fund is right there and waiting for us. *** My reason for this post? Do yourself and favor and look at your finances. Do you eat out EVERY DAY at work? Do you bring home dinner in a bag more nights than you care to admit? Does the Pizza Deliver Guy know you by your number and first name? Are you a Starbucks or Gourmet on the Go coffee person? Add those things up for one month. Go ahead... add them up. When you've done that... look around for what you have to show for the money you spent. Probably just some burger wrappers, empty coffee cups, and styrofoam containers from a left over lunch sitting in the fridge. Now... here is the hard part. The next month... DON'T DO WHAT YOU DID THE PREVIOUS MONTH. At all! PAY YOURSELF, IN A BIG FAT CHECK, TO YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT ALL THE MONEY YOU SPENT THE PREVIOUS MONTH... and make your own coffee, plan your meals ahead of time, and brown bag it to work... for a month. I bet you will be more than happy to spend that probably $500 on something other than paper, styrofoam, and stir sticks. *** I urge you, my friends... take charge of your finances, and spend the money you work so hard to earn on things of LASTING VALUE! Purses... shoes... LOL, furniture, tuition, classes, sporting equipment, family trips...etc... *** No, I am not saying eating out is bad. It's not. Lord knows I want to do it every night... but... it's just not feasible these days. Be kind to yourselves... eat around a table, not in the car or on the fly. Even if its only for 15 minutes. Share the time together.. and spend the money you save wisely. *** This has been a public service announcement from Saundra... for Money Mondays *** Please comment on how you save money! I love to learn too!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayers for Braja and Jahnu

Oh... my bloggy friends... let it never be said that just because we don't know each
other in the flesh, that we somehow feel less for each other.
We don't.
We feel for each other.
We love each other.
We know things about each other that our "touchable" friends don't know.
We hurt just as much when one of us gets hurt.
Which brings me to the reason for this post.
Braja, my Irish, red headed, lovely, yogi, living in India, by way of Australia, friend
has been in a horrific car accident with her husband Jahnu, on their way to BangKok.
They are in need of prayer... lots and lots of prayer.
Jahnu is still not conscious, and Braja has undergone plastic surgery to her face, has maybe broken her hip and shoulder.
They both have numerous lacerations and puncture wounds, with Jahnu, faring worse.
Please mention them in your prayers.
If you would like to read and experience the wonder of Braja, please go here,
and fall in love with her the way I have.
Thank you...

Mama's Commandments...

I don't claim to be a great Mama.
{{Ah... who am I kidding... I think I'm AWESOME}}
No.. just kidding...
I am winging it the best I can. My Mama... on the other hand , she was way better than I can ever hope to be.
She went with the flow better than I am capable of.
She never seemed to worry too much, and took things in stride much better than I do.
I can be nit picky, loud, and I am endlessly sarcastic.
(Yes, I know where my kids get their snarkiness)
My Mama was... while a total nutjob at times, in a good way, she was always really capable.
Me... I don't feel capable all the time.
I worry incessantly.
I preach nonstop about the ills of drugs, alcohol, premarital sex, sugar intake, biting nails,
respect, talking back, not doing everything I say when I say it, chores, too much TV, too much video playing, too loud Ipods... etc...
My poor kids!
My Mama comes over every Sunday and just laughs at me and my antics.
She always said she wished a child like me, on myself, and I got it in spades.
A little from each of my boys.
She knew I got the message of how much she loved me when they handed me my first born after giving birth. I was the 3rd to hold him, after Bill and my Mother, because I had a C- Section and my arms were pinned down by tubes and such.
When I got him into my arms and started breastfeeding him in recovery... I looked at her...
started to bawl, and said...
"Oh Mama... I am so sorry for everything I have ever done or said to you... I get it now...
You weren't over protective... you just adored me... that's all".
I got it.
It was immediate and overwhelming and grew and grows to this day.
She just nodded as she cried.
I tried to picture her... holding me... her firstborn... in her hospital bed, after giving birth to me via C Section for the same reason I had to have mine... breech baby.
I knew she felt the exact same way, but I didn't know about it until 25 years later and experienced it myself.
Oh Gosh... I haven't even gotten to my point of the post!
My Papa is where I get my longwindedness (a word?) from.
So.. lately, I have been getting a lot of sweet mail from new mothers of boys and asking me for advice. Lilly also comments and tells me to write a book on how to raise boys...
and while I am flattered... there must be millions of book in print about that subject, though I have never looked.
Some of my hubby's and my cousins ask me advice on mothering too.
I have no idea why... and if anyone were to ask my kids.. they would laugh and say...
"Our Mom? Ha! She a raving lunatic! She never lets us do anything!"
So yeah... that's one book circuit I will not travel.
I do however have a philisophy... I try to brainwash... er... I mean... teach my boys, on a daily basis. Well not a philosophy, but more a list of rules I hope they follow so I can have the best life in my old age...
Oh... were you not aware that it's all about me in my home? Ha!
Well consider yourself informed...
1. YOU MUST MARRY ORPHANS. Reason? I need to be the only Nana. Period.
No, I do not want to share my grandbabies. I want to be the only babysitter, weekend night spender, cookie baking, spoiling Nana. No discussion.
**If the parental units are over 85... exceptions can be made, and my floors will be extra slippery when they visit. Nuff said.
2. COLLEGES YOU APPLY TO WILL BE WITHIN A 5O MILE, 1 HOUR DISTANCE FROM OUR HOME. Reason? I don't want them meeting and marrying in another state that I can't see them very often or they can't drive to see us frequently. Attend college close to home and I promise to do your laundry and provide copious amounts of food for your friends and roommates.
3. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE WOMAN YOU ARE DATING... HAS BEEN A WOMAN SINCE BIRTH. Reason? Really... a reason is necessary?
4. You will learn to cook, clean and support yourself and your wife, and your children. Reason? I want my daughters in law to love me. To want to be around me...
to thank me for raising such great men. I would love it if my future daughters in law wanted to be stay at home Mothers at least until the kids were in school.
5. Once or twice per month... Dinner at our house... Everyone... no exceptions.
Reason? I had such high hopes growing up... that my hubby and I, would one day be able to go to big, boisterous family dinners with both our families, watch the inlaws dote on their grandkids and my nieces and nephews, and just share all that great familial stuff.
But no.. they all got divorced and it's all messed up now. So I would like to provide that for my kids and their families.
6. Did I mention Marry Orphans? Oh.. I did? He he... must have been an important one to me... haa ha...er... yeah..
{{yeah...I know... they are all a pipe dream... but I can still drill it into their heads...right? I mean..one or two might actually stick!}}

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writers Workshop (very long... but please read anyway!)

The Prompt I chose...
6.) Write about the event that was the end of your childhood(writingfix.com).
I knew my childhood was over when... I got my first job. My first REAL job.
I was 16 1/2. I was tired of asking my parents for gas money, and thought I should earn some money of my own. My parents were catagorically AGAINST my having any type of job in High School, especially since I was on Dance Team and other clubs in school. So as a compromise, they allowed me to look for a job that would accomodate THEIR schedule they made up for me. Weekends only and an occasional weeknight if I was out of school for Spring Break or the summer.
So I set out looking for a waitressing job. I looked in the newspaper, and saw an opening
at a little restaurant one city over. I went on my interview, dressed all spiffy, typewritten
"resume", with the little work experience I had working the Snack Bar for my Mom at the
Little League Baseball Park, and a work experience gig for school at an Industrial Supply Co.
I was so nervous.
I walked into the restaurant, and it smelled yummy. The guy who greeted me
literally looked me up, and down... and up again. It was creepy. I swear I saw him lick his lips... ewwwwww!
He led me into the "break room", more like a closet...but okay... the break room and I waited, and waited and waited. The entire time...the guy... just stood across the room and stared at me in between trying to look busy "taking inventory". Did I mention he was creepy?
Finally, in walks the owner... Giorgio. Oh did I not mention it was an Italian Restaurant?
Come on... where else would I apply! Please!
He took my hand... kissed it, ewwwww! and asked me to "do a little turn" for him.
I stood there... refusing to budge.
He laughed it off, like it was a joke he was playing.
I sat down, and he apologized for the comment.
His first question was NOT my name, but "How old are you?"
I told him, and creepy guy said... "Awww man... you're JAILBAIT!"
That took me by surprise... I was mortified...
Mortified that that jerk even thought he had a snowballs chance in hell with me! Yikes!
So... Giorgio looks over my paper and tells me I am hired.
By this point... I don't want the job, and will be happy to leave asap.
In walks Lena. Giorgio's sister and business partner.
She takes my hand, leads me to a table, and sits down and tells me to
'nevermind' them, they don't hire or fire, and I would be working for her.
I was just about to excuse myself and thank her for her time, when she asked me to give her
a chance. She had been watching through a double sided mirror, and LOVED that I didn't do the twirl thing. She said I would be great at serving. She needed someone on the weekends and during holidays, when its busy, and she already had a steady server for weeknights who likes to party on the weekends. The only bad thing was my age... I couldn't serve any alcohol at all, you had to be 18 for that... but she said she would do it herself... she wanted me to work there.
Like a dummy... I say okay.
I started Friday night.
I took to it like a duck to water. My customers loved that I knew how to pronounce all the menu items and could speak Italian to most of the Italian family members they brought in.
I was having fun, and the tips were great!
On a good weekend, I would bring home $200 for 2 five hour shifts! I almost told them they could keep their measly $25 paychecks!
Well, the weeknight girl got wind of my tips and requested a change. This was a small, mom and pop restaurant, with 2 servers and bus boy, and the owner/chefs. I was in High School
and couldn't work weeknights. No way was I giving up my weekend shift.
But... the other girl... Amy, was sleeping with Lena's son, the bus boy, and they 'partied' together after work, and "she was there first", blah, blah, blah...
So, Lena gave her Friday night, and I got Saturday night and Sunday evening.
But Amy wasn't making the tips I was making. Customers were asking where I was.
They came in on my nights instead. It was great!
Until Amy threw another hissy fit. She lied and told Lena that I was serving Wine while being underaged. Lena knew she was lying, and told me so, but she wanted to keep Amy as her friend and future daughter in law, and had Amy and I work the same nights on the weekends
and told me I had to SPLIT MY TIPS WITH AMY!
I may have been 16, and a little wet behind the ears... but I was no dummy.
I said "No", that won't be happening. My tips are mine, and I will only share with her son, my bus boy (creepy guy).
Lena smiled... turned around and told Amy, I wouldn't budge.
Amy said... "Oh... she'll budge." and sweetly asked me to stay after work to talk
with Giorgio and Lena together. I called my Dad... and had him drive over to the restaurant and just wait in the parking lot after my shift was done. He did... and waited.
I went to the break room, and walked into a huge cloud of smoke. I coughed and spit and
knew they weren't smoking cigarettes.
They had mirrors out, and white powdery stuff, and huge glasses of alcohol, and a deck of cards. Amy asked me to play "quarters" for my shift. Lena, Giorgio, Creepy guy, Amy... all laughing and swaying to music, trying to 'get me on their side', so I would 'feel like part of the gang" as they put it.
They taunted me and said "Oh... she's Sandra Dee, she's a cheerleader... she doesn't do naughty things... she gets good grades, and Mommy and Daddy are perfect parents from the Ole' country"
They overheard me answering my customers questions.
I am 40 1/2 and to this day I have never smoked anything, or taken anything stronger than Tylenol 3. I won't let myself feel pressure to do things I don't want to now...and I didn't start then either. They were a bunch of druggies!!!
Jealous druggies!
Giorgio got out of his chair, and started taking his apron off and unbuttoning his shirt, while they all laughed. He said "Come here honey... let me make you a woman"
I kicked him square in the family jewels, he went straight down and out, they all laughed and spilled their drinks, I paid myself out of the cash register, and walked out.
I made sure not to give my Dad any indication I was upset...or I would have had to bail him out of jail that night, or worse... gone to his murder trial.
He asked if I was alright, and I told him my car was acting up, and wanted someone
to drive behind me.
I never heard from them again. I called the cops on them and informed the police that illicit drugs were on the premises and done and smoked nightly.
It occured to me just then, the reason they never had me close up, and wanted me to leave 1/2 hour before them. It was so they could "party".
After that... I feel like my childhood had left the building, never to return.
I learned a lot from that experience. I learned that adult are just as petty, jealous, and had low self esteem as do kids.
I learned why my parents were so protective of me, and I started to appreciate it from that day on. I learned I never wanted to be adults like the restaurant jerks.
I had NEVER seen any form of drugs in my entire life until then. I wish it could have been longer.
I learned I wasn't ready for most situations in the real world just yet... and I was thankful I had a safe, loving home to go home to.
I didn't have another job again, until after graduation.
The restaurant closed two months after I quit.
Giorgio died of an overdose.
What a sad life, and a sad way to go.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wordful Wednesday!

I am using this forum...Wordful Wednesday... to educate.
Friends...family... Countrymen... I beg of you... nay... plead with you to

PLEASE... FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY... DO THIS ONE THING...For me... for your fellow bloggers.

I am curious as to what you think might happen if you turned it off?

Educate me... what happens?

All I know is... there is an awful lot of clicking, and typing, and clicking and mouse moving, and in the end it takes me 2 minutes to comment on your blog... and since I only allow myself 1/2 hour for blog commenting and surfing a day... that kinda eats into the other comment time I have to do!

So please... go into your settings, and click on "embed" comment into your post, and TURN OFF your word verification...

I thank you in advance.

I really do love you!

And now... back to our regularly scheduled Wordful Wed.
This is the view from my kitchen window.
This happened to be one of those "ooh" "aah" moments that needed a camera.
Thanks for indulging me!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing with The Stars.... Oh my Stars!

Since my Sweet Melissa is going to be on the show now... I felt it important to exchange my
Monday Night Trainwreck TV spot for something a little less trainwreck, and a little more
dignified, and what's more dignified than a bunch of overpaid, underdressed, tight around the "package" wearing dudes, and fake hair wearing women, gyrating and shimmying to
covers of some great music!
So... Monday's for the next few weeks will be filled with Dancing with The Stars Recaps and opinions.... yes opinions... from me...
Well, simply because it's my blog, and it makes one reader I have REALLY, REALLY mad when I blog about TV shows. Hee hee!
So... my DVR has been taping the show for about 45 minutes now, and that is ample time for me to be able to watch it in record time by skipping every single commercial.
I'll be back with a Recap on how Melissa did, and if anyone faints, pulls a groin muscle, loses hair, or losses their temper with the stupid judges...
See ya soon!
Okay.. show is over... I have successfully voted for my faves... my Daughter Melissa, Shawn Johnson, and Belinda Carlisle, and Steve Wozniak.
More on them later...
The judges... Bruno needs an enema. Plain and simple... DUDE... IT WAS THE FIRST NIGHT... CHILL!
Cariann- I hate when she laughs AT people. GROW UP!
Len... well...he actually did better than usual tonight.
A little bit of Trainwreck hit the airwaves when Li'l Kim dedicated this dance to her
"Federal Penitentiary Home girls" ... Yeah... class personified in that one.
Being the Go-Go fan I was and currently still am... GO BELINDA!!! She looked lovely!
Laurence and Edyta - I don't know who he is... but Edyta is who I am coming back as in my next life... Holy crap that woman has the BEST body imaginable!
JackAss Steve-O... did a good job. So glad he is sober. I didn't watch him in his JackAss days, but will happily watch him now that he is sober and dancing.
Who is Gilles? I don't know... but he sure is cute... and I love Cheryl!
I thought Julianne wasn't coming back this year... that's what she said last season... but I love her, and her honey is adorable... and that they are dancing together is so cute!
Let's hope they don't break up over it.
Holly who? Who cares...
Rodeo dude Ty and Chelsie from (SYTYCD) fame... he did a great job for being a manly man.
Mark Ballas. and Shawn Johnson... there were great... she is such a little spit fire...
Any Olympian with her class is top notch in my book!
Steve WozniaK and Karina - the Teddy Bear is back... and his attitude is wonderful.
I hope he lasts a few weeks. Nerds are people too!
David Alan Grier and Kym - He... he... well... I got his humor... but I don't think a lot of people did. That could hurt him.
Poor Denise Richards... Max is so hot, and so taken, and she cried... ON THE FIRST NIGHT!
Please... show some restraint!
Ahhhh. My Melissa. Did you see how beautiful she looked and danced? Did you see those developee's! Her arms, her hands... her extension?
Simply stunning.
I cried baby crocodile tears when she danced... I am so stupid!
She is a divine girl. I sure hope she doesn't turn into a vapid, conceited, money grubbing
whore... like the rest of Hollywood!
Tom Bergeron... his comedic timing is so succinct.. so on par, he is scary.
MY FAVORITE part of the evening was when he said...
"Message to Jason... two words... "people skills".
I've loved Tom for years and years... but tonight... made me love him more!
So...there you have it...my take on the evening.
It was a fun time. I cleaned my kitchen, washed dishes and made school lunches as I watched.
It helped make the time go quickly.
Too bad the show is on ABC...
I wish CBS or NBC would buy it.
ABC left a bad taste last week.
Nuff said...

Memories on Monday

Memories on Monday
I remember going into restaurants and being able to eat a meal with my family
without having to hear some idiot talking loudly into a cell phone...
Remember pay phones? Those big, black dinosaurs outside every establishment that you put a measly dime or quarter into to make a phone call? Outside... where the rest of the diners
couldn't hear you?
Oh... how I long for those days.
I love my cell phone... but during a meal? Not so much...
I was taught to not talk with my mouth full... and that included on the phone... I think.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Bachelor... Melissa has a new Gig!

Oh... I am sosooo excited...!
Yes... I am aware of how meaningless this is going to sound in light of the
economy, world hunger, world peace, and the plight of 3rd world nations...
My little life is a series of carpools, grocery stores, sport stores and ace bandages...
So... I am so happy to announce that I read on my Yahoo home page today... that...
Jason the Jerks X paramore...
Those of you who know me... know I danced for a thousand years on stages all over this great nation way back when, when I was young, cute and thin, so any show with Dancing in it...
I. am. There!
( with the exception of World Dance thingy that was on... I couldn't watch it.. it hurt to watch it... it was horrid)
My favorite saying in the entire world???
Eat that Jason and Molly!
My Daughter Melissa is gonna be more famous than you two swindlers in crime!
oH... Did you see her on Ellen the other day?
Ellen and I spend everyday together making dinner, and Melissa was on... and she said...
yes, she knew they were broken up... but what she didn't know was that it was MOLLY,
he was messing with. That had to hurt.
I almost over cooked my Pasta, I was so pissed off!
So... I will be watching and reporting the events on Monday night now... YEAH!!!
Yes, I will be opinionated, but I also will be so excited to report on Melissa!
She was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.. my boys LOVE to watch the reality show about their tryouts. That's where I first saw her... she got a lot of face time with the camera then too.
I already know there are gonna be naysayers that say she has too much experience
to do this show...
I can't wait!
Now back to the world... the way it was...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I got an Award!

I got an award from Joelle! She is a Legal Minded Mama, and a real beauty too!
Joelle, it was so kind of you to give me this award!
I am so flattered!
When I read the part you wrote about me being "Opinionated" I jumped back a little... and then I thought... DUH!!! I SO TOTALLY AM!
And... you're right... I don't care!!! LOL!
I will put this award on my blog with pride...
Thank you Thank you!
I so love that it has purple in it!

Small Talk Six!

Today at Momdot.com
it's time for Small Talk Six...
Today's question is...
Name 6 places I'd like to travel to, if I had someone trustworthy to watch my kids and pets.
Truth be told... I don't travel anywhere without my kids usually.
Unless its for business... then they stay home.
If we go somewhere fabulous... we buy 5 tickets... that' s just how it is.
Children learn soooo much when they travel. It changes them, makes them more aware of how big the world is, and helps them to accept new and different things more easily.
My kids first started traveling by plane by the time they were 4 months old.
Now that they are 14, 12 and 9, they remember the times we took them to Alaska on a cruise, or to Italy to see my family for a month, or to Niagara Falls and Toronto to see more family,
or to New York City to experience the city for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Our next trips we will be going on are...
1. Back to Italy... but from Rome to Switzerland, this time
2. Bill and I have both been to Hawaii, but the kids haven't. So we will be going to Hawaii.
(Bill and I went when we were younger and didn't know each other)
3. Greece
4. New Orleans
5. Puerto Rico
6. Washington D.C.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oy Vay... William the loser of expensive things!

So yesterday... William had a pretty bad day.
Yesterday he lost his cell phone, backpack and a high zoot scientific calculator for Geometry.
I'm beginning to think that Alzheimers starts at a very young age!
So I did what lots of parents would do... I reamed him.
I talked to him till I was blue in the face about respecting his property, putting his backpack
INSIDE THE LOCKER, not beside it, not assuming that just because he goes to a Private Christian High School, that things don't get stolen... they do.
This year alone he has "misplaced" a watch he got for his last Birthday, 3 cell phones (which he paid to replace... I was NOT going to do it) a 1st basemans glove, a pair of Oakley sunglasses,
and yesterday, another cell, his backpack and the calculator.
I am happy to report, that his morning, even though he doesn't have school today, I took him to school to dumpster dive, and he FOUND THE BACKPACK, AND CALCULATOR. No, not the cell phone. He found them in an unlocked locker near where he left it out.
Tiny bit of redemption.
We rejoice in small things around here.
We have to.
I have no idea why he can't keep his hands on his cell phones...
To be fair... he was pushed into our pool last summer by Johnny and one of them was ruined that way... who knew water and cell phones don't mix!
So I have Will home with me today, his teachers have In Service. I am making him fold the mountain of clean laundry I did yesterday. He will also be sweeping and mopping the tile floors, vacuuming, and scrubbing toilets.
Yeah... part of his punishment for being neglectful again...
The other part will be not getting another phone until the term is up on this one.
Then he will be buying and paying for his own service. I am done.
He umpires baseball and refs soccer so he can afford it.
Maybe if he pays for it...he won't lose it so easily.
I'm a harsh Mama.
Never have been easy on my babies.
The world is a tough place... and nothing is handed to you on a silver platter.
The sooner he learns that... the sooner he will appreciate the value of things.
He's a really great kid. Great grades, helpful, smart as a whip, but he just
can't seem to remember that he owns a cell phone.
That cell was for MY convenience... my life line to him.
Now we have to go old school and if I want to tell him something while he's at school,
I have to call the office. So 80's! LOL
On another note...
Do you have a Facebook page?
Email me the name and we can be FRIENDS!!!
I have contacted 90 people from high school that I haven't spoken to in 25 years!
It is soooo cool to see their kids, and families!
I talk on a daily basis to all my family in Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, and Norther California!
It is soooo awesome!
I've had the account for over a year... but didn't do anything with it until last week.
I. Love . It! ***
Won't you be my friend?