Friday, November 14, 2008


I started this blog in January of this year 2008.
I post every day, and I knew I wanted to make it into a bound book for my kids, so I had the first 6 months printed in June. It was great, 200 pages!
I am so glad I didn't wait to print it until now, it will would be too big.
Sooo, I am going to be having the last 6 months made into a bound book really soon.
My kids keep asking me if I have blogged about the wonderful Anniversary gift they got us for our 13th, 3 years ago... and every time... I have to say no... I kept forgetting...
until now.
I don't want to have my blog printed again without it.
Sooo... in the next post... I will write about it...
It really was that special, and it deserves it's own posting.
Soo, without further adieu...


  1. A book!?! That is a great idea. How did you print it out? At home? I love this idea. Now on to your next post...

  2. Becky,.. I went to, downloaded their software, and proceeded to edit and arrange my own blog book! It was fantastic!


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