Monday, November 17, 2008

My baby's growing up!

Boy am I glad I am not hormonal today.
I woke up this morning to my husband and William... in the bathroom...
Bill was helping William...
HE'S ONLY 14 1/2!
But last night at dinner, (Will sits next to me at the table) I noticed a ton of hair all over his upper lip and chin and face.
Yes... I took my finger, licked it and tried to wipe the dirt off his face... and lo and behold... it wasn't dirt at all.
It was my manchild... with facial hair. Not peach fuzz... actual manly man facial hair.
I just stared at him... he smiled... I winked at him... and he gave me a hug. He knew what I was thinking.
He asked me if I was going to cry... and surprisingly... I said no.
My men have a little stomach bug this morning.
They keep saying it was something they ate at the Soccer park on Saturday... but I don't know.
Now they all act like the Bubonic plague hit us.
We had two earthquakes this morning.
Small... but I felt 'em.
Tonight, I am going to attend our Monthly Market Night in town. I will be selling my scarves and Pampered Chef.
And... I joined the Chamber of Commerce in our fair city on Friday afternoon!
I'm so excited!
We are going to do a ribbon cutting... a luncheon... and I'll be featured in our little newspaper!
I joined for Pampered Chef... not the scarves.
But wait 'til you see the AWESOME tree branch scarf hangers I designed and my hubby built for me! They are so beautiful!
I'll take pictures of them all set up tonight, and post them tomorrow.
I am on dry toast and peppermint tea making duty today.
I was supposed to have lunch with a friend today... but Sir Pukes A Lot needed me, and who am I so say no to puke!
I know a good time when I see it!
William's Football team made it into the CIF playoffs! We have to travel to Encino for a game on Friday night. Ugh! Encino! At least its a beautiful area. At least it's not Compton.
Johnny's soccer team plays for either 2nd or 3rd place tonight, and Alex's team is already going to Commissioners Cup. I'm happy... but... I was so looking forward to a break in sports for a bit before the crazy baseball season starts.
I am not a competitive person.
If the boys win.. lose... it's all the same to me.
Bill... on the other hand... well, that's a whole other story. If the team wins, he gives them all the credit... but if the team loses, he takes all the blame. He gets so hard on himself.
I guess that's the measure of a good man.
Wish them luck!
I'm outta here!


  1. Pukes-a-lot! You are too funny. What a precious interaction between you and your man child. I would have said yes to the crying though. Can't wait to see your scarf tree. Good luck at the street fair and good luck to your boys in football.

  2. Hi Saundra - I know what you mean about the shaving thing. I told Paige that she could shave her legs before she went into jr. high. Well out here 6th grade is jr. high! I get a little freaked out every time I notice her smoothly shaved legs!

  3. What a great post. Mmm our babies grow up too quickly. Sounds like you have a great relationship with your kids though! Cannot wait to see your pictures of your display and CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. Thank you all. Yeah... Will can be a stoic one, but from time to time his heart is really soft and mushy and he lets it all loose on me.

    He is always very huggy and says "Yay" when he gets a hug for no reason.

    Lynda... it is soo hard isn't it?

    Lilly, thank you so much! How great is it that we can talk from across an entire ocean!!!
    25 years ago, this was unheard of!

    Becky...I just that term... manchild! Don't you?

  5. Oh no..SHAVING???
    Thats so not right... not yet! I bet I will cry, or just freak out! LOL
    Good luck with your scarves tonight, I am looking forward to the display pics!

    OH BTW, you have been tagged my Italian twin!

  6. Good luck selling your wares! And congrats on all the sports success.

  7. Oh and I love the knew look of your blog!

  8. You handled that SO much better than I would have! I will not handle my boy growing up!

    I saw you have another blog about Italian cookies! I am trying to avoid it until after the avoid gaining more than my usual 10 holiday pounds...but I am not sure my will is strong enough.

  9. Chamber of Commerce, wow!
    Hope you had a good time last night. I keep forgetting about market night. I need a sign posted in my front yard to remind me.

  10. I am always forgetting about market night too. Congrats on making it to Commissioners cup.

  11. Congrats to one and all!! Can't wait to see your pics and I do hope everyone is feeling better today, and the teams all win! ;-)

  12. The tree branches are totally cool! What a great idea! And the scarves are beautiful. What talent!

    Our oldest shaved all the facial hair except above the lip. Looks much better! I did cry, but kept it to myself until now!

  13. You are always one busy lady!!! Sorry the menfolk are all pukey. Men are babies and never grow up!!!! I know you already know that though.

    Super congratulations on CoC thing!! You go girl! Can't wait to see all your gorgeous pics tomorrow!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!

  14. You go with your Chamber of Commerce self! That's awesome!!!!!!!!! :)

    And shaving??? Awww - why did that make ME want to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Busy day for you. Cant wait to see the scarfs! May all the puke hit the bowl and nothing else today!!

  16. Kathy... Will kept the stache too! I love mustaches!

    Adrian... LOL!


    Jeannie.. I am really excited about Cof C!

    Michelle, I change my blog every couple of days... sometimes everyday!

    Mimi... I'll get to that tag soon.... very soon!


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