Friday, November 14, 2008

My 13th Anniversary surprise!

October, 2005 was just like any other October... or so I thought.
As always for the last 13 years, it was my Wedding Anniversary month.
As always, Bill and I made reservations to stay at our Las Vegas Timeshare for a few days, just the two of us.
We went a little early in the month that year... soccer season and Bill's work conflicted with us going on our actual Anniversary. No worries. As long as we got away... by ourselves... it was fine with us.
So we went about our month, just like usual. Saturday Soccer games, school, homework, status quo... but little did we know... there was a conspiracy brewing.
Little did we know that our three sons, William, 11 at the time, Alex 9, and Johnathon 6, were cooking up a scheme with my Mama, their Nana.
William and Alex asked my Mama, about a month before our Anniversary, if she could do a few things for them, they had a plan and they needed her to help, because they weren't yet allowed to do some of the things they needed done.
They didn't give her anymore information until she agreed to be sworn to secrecy, and to agree to help... no matter what was asked of her.
She obliged...carefully.
Wait!!! I need to go forward to go backward... I'll tell you what they did...
then I'll give you the background.
Our sons informed us on Oct. 15, 2005, that we needed to go out that evening, to the movies.
They told us which time slot to choose from and gingerly handed us an envelope with a bunch of money in it, amounting to roughly $20 in all denominations and coins.
We were told we were not allowed to eat popcorn or drink soda during the movie, and we had to come straight home afterward... no shopping. (They know me so well)
They said they arranged the entire evening ahead of time, and that Nana was on her way.
We waited for my Mama to arrive, and she scooted us away.
We went to the movie... and went straight home as instructed.
When we were pulling up to our driveway, we saw a big white note taped to the garage door.
On it was written...
"Do not open this door... please use the front door and ring the doorbell."
So we did.
When the door opened, our 11 yr old answered, all dressed up in his best clothes, with a towel over one arm and he said...
"Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Shaver... to Three Boys Restaurant... we have a reservation for you, won't you please come in?"
I had to catch my breath. I was astounded.
What had they done? Did they do this all by themselves?
Alex, 9, took my hand and led me into our dining room. It was lit only by candlelight, and the table was set in the dishes only boys could pick out, and candles, and
Johnny, 6, was bouncing up and down, giggling the entire time. He could NOT contain himself.
My Mama was in the kitchen cooking the entire meal.
I looked at her quizzically, and she put her hands up and said....
"Don't look at me... I had nothing to do with this, I am hired as the cook and maid... that's all. This was entirely THEIR idea. They set the menu, chose the music, set the table, and told me what they were doing... I just bought the groceries and did what they told me to do. I swear on my Mother's grave."
Right then and there...I started to cry.
Johnny was sooo excited to see my tears... he said out loud...
"See I told you she would cry!!! You owe me $5 bucks!"
Then he began bouncing some more.
He was holding on to his private part... he was so excited he had to pee!
At each place setting was a menu they printed up. See above...
My 9 yr. old thought it would be funny to add in the handwritten prices, just in case we felt obliged to pay them for the meal... hee hee.
They wrote and printed it out themselves.
When we were seated... they went into our family room and stared at us eating.
They giggled incessantly, and each time I took a sip of water or wine, they quickly went to refill it. I overheard Alex tell his brothers to be quiet and just watch so it could be romantic for us.
I was dying laughing on the inside.
Then the music started. My favorite... the Three Tenors...OMG.
Imagine eating salad to "Ave Maria".
I know... it was soo freaking adorable!
They kept asking us if we were done, so they could bring out the next course, and my Mama was in the kitchen cracking up at her grandsons making such a fuss.
When dessert was finally served... the floor show began.
Alex (my mini Jim Carrey) told jokes,
William(the thinker)told us all the preparation and planning it took to pull this off,
and Johnny(OMG, I'm gonna pee my pants I'm so freaking excited) proceeded to take his clothes off and streak all over the house.
He was ridiculously giddy the entire meal.
We don't tell him any secrets... ever.
My Mama came to join us and told us everything in order as it happened, and how long they had planned it, how they wanted to pay for the movies with their own money, and
they just needed her to cook the food, because I don't like eating anyones else's food but my Mama's, and just all the care and time they invested in our Anniversary Evening.
I have never been so touched in all my life.
Three years later... I still bring it up to them, and let them know how special that night was to us. The women that get to marry my men are going to be very lucky women.
If they are willing to do this for their Mama... imagine what they will do for their wives!
I told them they could have bought us the most expensive gift money could buy and it wouldn't mean as much to me as what they did for us.
Never underestimate little boys.
They grow up to be big boys.
Their love for me is palpable. Everyone that sees them tells me so.
I am the most blessed Mama on the planet.
I am surrounded by beautiful, thoughtful, imaginative men.
Thank you my sons... it was amazing.


  1. Oh wow!! I'm sitting here crying and laughing at the same time. Your children are awesome and that is because YOU, their mother, are awesome!!! This is the best post I've ever read anywhere!!!!!

    You da bomb!! {{Bloggy Hugs}}

    You know.....I have this gorgeous daughter....jus' sayin'......

  2. What a great post, I'm glad Queenie Jeannie blogged about what a great post this was!

  3. Thanks you guys! they have been bugging me about posting that for almost a year!

    I am so glad it's done and ready to go to the printers on Dec. 4!

  4. Hi! I am stopping over from Queenie Jeannie's....she told us to read this "best post ever!" She was soooooo right! This was awesome! I laughed, I cried, I hoped. I hoped that I am raising my boys the same way that you have raised yours. You and your husband are truly blessed to have the wonderful family you and God have created. This is, was, and will always be truly precious!

  5. That is absolutely wonderful!! I am so touched!!

  6. Queennie Jeannie sent me over here and OMG she was right. That was the sweetest thing I have ever read. You are lucky to have such loving children and they are lucky to have a mama to raise them to be that way. Thanks for sharing this special memory.

  7. Oh that was amazing. Truly a wonderful post. What thoughtful loving boys you have and what a wondeful Mama too. Thanks for posting this.

  8. omgoodness how sweet is that?? You are truly blessed with such wonderful little boys!

  9. awwwwwwwww! That is just too incredibly cute!!!!!! you are truly blessed! :)

    What an AMAZING present!

  10. Thats the sweetest thing Ive ever read, your boys sound so wonderful, and so different. I hope my boys love me as much as your do you!

  11. How sweet! I'm with Johnny, I would have a hard time keeping still too.

  12. Wonderful! What a lovely gift to remember.

  13. Oh so precious. Jeannie blog about your post and I had to come and I am glad I did. I had a crappy time with my kids today. Reading your post made me think about them, it is now 2:15 in morning, I went to their rooms and gave them all kisses. Vowing tomorrow is a new day and will be better. So sweet. Thank you.

  14. I am back. I also love your comment about word verification. Sometimes, it is a bit of a pain in the caboose.

  15. How fun. What a loving family.

  16. How thoughtful and wonderful of your sons! My son dances around and streaks like your youngest son! Teee heee.

    Found you through SITs.

    Love your blog design.

  17. Queenie Jeannie sent me.
    This is so beautiful! I love it!

  18. *crying* *laughing*

    This by far the sweetest thing I have ever read!

    You have raised some great men & that is a testament to you & your Mama & also to their Dad. It is from their Dads that little boys learn what it is to be great men. It is from their Moms that they learn to be awesome men.

    And like Queenie Jeannie, I have a little girl who likes "older men"...just sayin'


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