Saturday, November 29, 2008

The nerve of some people!

I have a question for ya... and I really want answers to this...
I am at a cross roads as to what to say for the next person that belittles or makes the remark that
"They are too busy to mess with blogging or any kind of scrapping (digital or manual), and they just don't understand how someone can 'waste their time' doing things like that."
Here is my dilemma...
I went shopping. No that wasn't the problem, the problem was I saw some friends at the mall that I haven't seen in a few months, and we got to chit chatting. I asked them what was new, they told me, (same old, same old, work, home, kids, sleep) and they in turn asked me what was new.
Now... all of you know I am an Italian girl... first generation... My Mama and Papa both born and raised in Italy their entire first 20 and 26 years, so I was IMMERSED in the Italian way and the Italian Eye!
We are not a humble people. When we get asked a question about ourselves... we figure you actually want to know... everything. It is just the way it is... deal with it.
Soooo. I told them.
"Oh, let me see... I started a blog (or three), my Mama and I are started a catering company, I am making and selling scarves, William just finished football, the younger ones have soccer championships, Oh! and I just made awesome photo books for the Grandparents for Christmas, and my Pampered Chef business is strong and good.
Now people... you HAVE to know I in NO WAY meant that the way it sounded... like some giddy preteen school girl who just couldn' wait to spill her guts... it was much more subdued, and way more lackidasical.
They, in turn, were reminded their kids were playing sports too, and I ohhed and ahhed in the appropriate places and didn't say anymore about my world. I asked to see pictures of their little darlings, and they were quite cute...
No... I did not whip out my pictures.. I wasn't asked.
Then the conversation went something like this...
Her: Did you say you were flogging now?
Me: I'm BLogging now. You know... and online journal of sorts? It's great fun.
You should come visit mine and see what it is.
Her: Uh..huh...I. don't. think. so. Is that one of those things where people just ramble on about their lives and put up pictures of their babies and stuff?
Me: Well... sometimes.. it can be that... Mine sure is, but I also do it because I love to write more than breathe, and it's a creative outlet for me. I have a private blog that only I read and add to, and it is like a memoir.
Her: And did you say you are making scarves?
Me: (suspicious now) Yeaaahhh. (In my head I am thinking "yeah... what of it Bee-otch)
Her: Like... scarves I can buy at the store for cheap and wear in our non existent weather?
(by this time... I am thinking... was I REALLY ever friends with this hag? Then I had to remember what my Mama taught me about people that put other people down like this...
They are waaaayyy jealous)
Me: Don't worry... I'm not going to try and sell you any. Mine are a little different, and I enjoy making them, and what I don't sell, I'll give away for Christmas.
I tried to veer her away from making more of an idiot of herself, and I asked her how he job was going, and the last time we spoke, she was up for a new position.
Her: It sucks as usual. I got the promotion, but then asked for my old job back... I didn't like it.
Me: (in my head... suurrree you did) Oh, well that's great! At least you know you were qualified and they wanted you for the job!
Her: Yeah... hey... where are the kids when you are doing all this other stuff for yourself?
{I'd had it by now... the gloves were off... I was fuming...}
Me: What do you mean what do I do with my kids... they are at school during the day, and they sleep at night... where do you think they are?
Okay... what else would you have said. I'll tell you what I said after you tell me your answers.
I am curious.
Have you ever experienced people who just can't wrap their heads around this
"flogging" or crafting or working from home?
Give me the comeback, if any, you would have said.
I'll post my reply in a bit.


  1. Hmm my first response would have been utterly sarcastic like I have my kids duct-taped to the tree while I am goofing off, err blogging and crafting. And you are right many people just don't get it, or are afraid to try it...

    I have a bit of a sarcastic streak...I really really want to know what you said.

  2. I think I would of been so taken aback I would of mummbled something stupid and walked off...but I would of liked to asked her "what are you getting at? And, do you have a problem with what I just said? AND,I spend more time with my kids that most women out there!"...then I'm sure we would have gotten into it!! I am anxious to hear your response!!

  3. I think I would have focussed on the scarf issue, and told her she needed one for her neck...then I would have quickly segued into talking about turkeys, all the while stroking my neck, wondering if she was getting the connection... what a bitch.

  4. OMG I would have been very taken back. Not sure what I would have said. I think it would have went something like this.....RE BLog, answer,,,Yeah some people just dont have the computer thing going for them. It will come in time for you I'm sure......Yes I did say I was making scarves. Do you have a skill?...........Scaves are an accesories, not always to keep that long neck warm darling! .....Hence the blog and internet marketing I bring in extra $$ while being able to stay home with my children so they arent in daycare or alone ect. Once you get internet savy you could try to do something productive as well! ........My kids? My kids are great they love having a creative mom. As for where are they when I work, they are with me! Where are yours?

    Thats all for now...Desperate Housewives is on!!!

  5. This stuff isn't for you, it's for them! For your family!!!! That's what I would have said. How bizarre?!?!?! They/she must be ooooozzzzzing jealousy.


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