Sunday, November 16, 2008


Okay... so hands up...
How many people have DVR's or Tivo's at home?
Ohhh okay... I see... you, you, and you, Oh you! You too... okay good. So a lot of us.
I have a dilemma.
I wonder if you have the same dilemma.
I've had my DVR for... abbbooouuuut.... 3 years now, through my cable company.
I love it... the kids love it...
I haven't watched a commercial in 3 years. I don't know which movies are coming out, I don't what the new car names are... I don't what new shows are out.. nothing.
When I do get a chance to catch one of my shows on the boob tube, that sucker is in my hand fast forwarding through mindless drivel and sometimes even some show dialogue that I know I won't miss.
I can get an hour show watched in about 35 minutes flat.
THAT is not my dilemma.
My dilemma is...
I want a DVR for my entire life!
Do you know how many times I have mindlessly gone to my car radio and tried to 'rewind' something I heard... only to be rudely reminded that I do not have a DVR in my hand or in my car?
Or... I am at a football game... and a coach or Ref will say something, I missed it, and I try to 'rewind' in my head?
DVR's are too convenient... and it makes me want to rewind everything I didn't hear, think, see, or feel the first time around!
That's sick!
Do you know how many times I have wanted to put Will's football games 'on hold' so I can tinkle and not miss anything? Honest to God... my hand actually goes out in front of me and tries to click it on 'pause'.
Total Dork.
Any of you have this problem?
Ha! I just thought of something... I am sure you all already thought of.
I was thinking it sounds a lot like the movie "Click".
I could really use one of those things for life. If I could have it for just rewind... it would be great!
Oh! And mute. At night. For when Bill snores. OH! And when the kids are fighting or whining.
Oh... and when the stupid neighbors kid plays his car stereo too loudly.
Ah dreams.


  1. LOL, I was totally thinking Click. I would take the mute button for my life. Ahhh sweet silence. :-D

  2. A DVR for life?! I want one too:)

  3. I am guilty of trying to rewind the radio too. I love my DVR and I know it's

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I'm loving reading yours.
    I feel your pain with the word verification & the DVR.
    I can't stand to watch regular tv anymore & I find myself doing the same thing with the radio etc.
    Your boys are so cute, sweet & thoughtful.
    You know that says a lot about you as a momma way to go!!!

  5. Oh gosh...I would love to have a remote control...and just pause and fast forward when things get "hairy"!!

  6. LOL!!!
    I dont have a DVR, I am "old school" right now... if I did I would be loving it!

  7. I am no help because not only do we have one TV in the house, but we also don't own a DVR! I know, the horror!


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