Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Stuff

Thanksgiving was just the 5 of us.
It was nice, and serene, (sorta) and actually delightful! We had about 6 brownouts throughout the day, we don't know why. My oven kept resetting after each one. The entire neighborhood had them, so someone must have hit a transformer or there may have been lightening. Such fun!
It was difficult trying to bake bread for all my neighbors when my oven kept turning off and on.
Our table was set by the boys, and they helped prepare all the food too!
I didn't buy a big Turkey. Instead, I purchased a great big turkey breast from Costco, and it was just enough for us.
We made stuffing galore, rice pilaf, mashed sweet and red potatoes (mixed), fresh bread, salad, homemade cranberry sauce, roasted veggies, and since I don't bake... we didn't have dessert,
Nope... I didn't even buy a dessert.
Bill fell asleep about 5 minutes after dinner and he was out for the night.
Thank God we didn't have guests.
People always feel sorry for us when we just have a Holiday to ourselves. I say... Don't! We love being with each other. All our parents are divorced, and it isn't fair that we can't spend the holidays with all of them at once, so we choose not to spend them with any of them... so no ones feelings get hurt. I know they say they don't get hurt... but they do... it all comes out when someone is mad and talks out of turn. You know how that goes. We are usually either in NYC or the beach for the holiday, but this year... there were 3 soccer practices for the boys, and we didn't want them to miss, so we canceled our camping trip to the mountains this time. I am so glad we did. I got a great photo session in, my house is clean as a whistle, and I get to spend time kickin' it with the kids.
We had a lovely holiday.
As you can see, Johnny wanted to be the decorations this year. I think he looks great... but it might get a little cold for him outside.
It feels a little like fall outside now!
I did not hit the Black Friday sales.
Did you?
I used to do it.. when the kids were babies, but now...
I had soccer to get to this morning at 7 a.m. and I slept in the car.
The things I need to get... I get with free shipping from and
I make it really easy on myself.
I tend to buy too many things for myself when I shop in stores during the holidays,
and this way... I can keep a handle on my money better.
I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and memorable!


  1. I think your Thanksgiving sounds perfect:)

  2. We prefer it just us 3 as well.
    Happy Thanksgiving. :-)
    No shopping for me, if I don't alreday have a gift bought by now, they're getting something

  3. Actually your thanksgiving sounds right up me alley!!!

  4. Thanksgiving is about family... small or large. I like quiet and busy. Ours was quiet this year. I tell ya, I never, ever go to the sales... I worked at Nordstrom and I just cant be that one extra annoying person at 5 AM to the poor people who have to work! LOL
    Your son is a hoot!

  5. Your Thanksgiving sounded great!

    Thanks for your parenting advice......made me laugh out loud.

  6. Holy cow, did you change your blog design again?? :)


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