Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

If you are really on a mission to keep boredom alive... keep reading... otherwise... get out now before going further.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Well, it looks like Ray's insurance paid him off, and aren't going to charge our insurance at all.
Our insurance went all bull dog on their $&*#'s and they seem to have retreated somewhat.
We'll see.
Will was NEVER at fault.
How can a pedestrian be at fault with a VAN?
But... I digress.
Bill was off Monday and Tuesday, and after NOT nagging him about his all day Xbox playing on Monday, I lowered the boom on him yesterday and got him to completely rearrange every single stick of furniture in my living and family rooms. So, my big, leather, butter, "L" shaped sofa is now in the front room and my chenille, cushy, sofa and loveseat are in my back room.
Oh yeah, my dining room is different now too.
Not that ANY of this matters to you at all... but this is my journal, and how I keep track of things that get done... so when I print this out in a book in December, I will have it all written down...
Geez, even I'm dozing off...
Okay, so here is a tidbit of useless deviance.
For those who live in California... remember the car commercial giving away
a Gas Card for a year guaranteed for $2.99 gas?
Guess it sucks to be them right now huh?
Oh come on... Give me that one!
I know it's mean... but please!
I've had a rough October.
Ugh.. okay... I'mmm ssssooorrryyyy!
Yesterday I colored my hair.
Yes, I know my Mother is a hairdresser... why do you think I know how to color my hair?
She is a great teacher.
Anyway... when Johnny got home from school, he was asking for Mommy wuv again, and noticed I didn't have "white lines" in my hair anymore.
He said that it looks good, and I don't look like a Nana anymore.
Nice. Real Nice.
Then he proceeded to check the back of my head, to make sure I got the ones he see's when the wind blows.
Getting old sucks big, ugly, sour EGGS!
When I turn 50, I'm going to color my hair bright shocking pink!
I'll recapture my youth somehow!
I'm done... I need to go get my nails and pedicure done now.


  1. I nominated you for an award! Check out my blog.
    Have a fabulous day!

  2. Hey, you are lucky you have different rooms to move your furniture. In my 1200 sq ft house the options are this side of the room or that side of the room.

    Gotta go take a nap now........just kidding!

  3. Oh Michelle... that makes me feel like I have such a huge house... but I don't. Only 1500 sq. ft.

    Happy Napping!!! lol

  4. LOL!
    I am glad you got a chance to color those greys! Have a good evening in your newly rearranged house!

  5. Bright pink! I can't wait to see it.

    I'd love to rearrange my furniture... never gonna happen.


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