Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm evil and must be destroyed?!?

My Mama modeled for me! She wouldn't let me show her face!
I'm having a hard time writing these days.
I usually spend a few minutes each day, jotting down different things that go on, or ideas I want to talk about, or something I've learned that day.
Lately... not so much.
Except for the Writer's workshop, which I love... I don't really have a whole lot to say this week.
Maybe I had Electionitis.
Until today...
I did read in the paper today, one man reminiscing about how in the good ole days, about 20 years ago, one could go around with bumper stickers and sign in their yards touting who they are supporting without fear of retribution.
He wrote how these days, when he put a lawn sign out, or a sticker on his car, it gets vandalized or stolen off is yard by someone who doesn't share the same viewpoint.
I found this disturbing. Pathetic actually.
What have we all become? Why can't we all have different views on things and still love eachother!
This past week... I had one person personally email me and tell me she was disgusted with my post about being happy Obama won.
She told me she no longer thought of me as a decent person, and wouldn't be reading me any longer.
Well.... I can't say she'll be missed... I didn't know her all that well, but it still hurt I really feel more sorry for her though. To be that base about an election!
I emailed her back and told her that even though I am an evil Democrat, will surely end the world as we know it, and have absolutely no moral fiber whatsoever, I would withhold her name and her email so as not to offend or embarrass her with her kindergarten like attitude. Hey... I may a terrible, horrible, evil, Democrat, but I still have class!
I went on to inform her that I have many friends who are Reps, and though we don't see eye to eye on everything, we don't base our friendships on political party affiliation, and it is a shame she may.
I mean, I don't go around saying... Hi, I'm Saundra Democrat.. are you a Rep or a Dem, or Ind?
She was sure I was so left I could see the right.
She didn't know me at all.
Goodbye pseudo-friend... I wish I could say you will be missed... but you won't.
William got word, at his football game on Friday, that he'd earned the privilege of playing at the Varsity game next week! He was SO excited. He hasn't shut up about it all weekend.
I caught him trying on the varsity uniform about 5 times.
It was so sweet.
I remember getting all giddy about stuff too at that age.
Nowadays, I just get giddy if I get 6 straight hours of sleep.
I am really livin' it UP!
My mom and I just bid on and got an Anniversary Dinner Dance for the Sons of Italy to cater next year.!!! So exciting! We think it will be for 500 people.
We are getting our menus put together and tested right after Christmas.
Anyone who wants to volunteer to taste test our creations, give me a jingle! We will probably do 5 sample tastings before the event.
My scarves are selling really well.
I have oodles of orders.
The pictures don't really show them well, but you get the idea.
The skunks, (black and white curly Q on my sofa) is the hottest seller.
It also takes the longest to make.
I'll take better pictures this week.
Today was chilly, and I actually used one!
Quite toasty!
I'm off to make another skunk!


  1. Stopping over from SITS!

    It's such a shame that this election has divided people the way it has. I am a proud republican, but I'm not a sore loser - it's time for us to come together and work on the issues this country faces and not make them worse.

    I love your scarves - and here in the northeast we use a lot of scarves! Good luck your business.

  2. WOW< people sure can be petty and childish, it makes me sad. I have republican friends and they don't treat me like that... not cool. Evil, loose moral Dems deserve to be happy too... LOL

    Love the scarves!

    Sons of Italy remind me of my Noni and Nono who were members for years (until they passed away) I remember going to family night and having a grand time! Congrats!

  3. Look at your crafting away! You go girl!!!

    No, lol, I didn't name my daughter after the Twilight books!!!! I just "discovered" them about a month ago and she's 4!

    Nope, my Isabella Zara is an original!

  4. Geeze! I had written a nice post in response to your election day blog because I was so moved by everything. Including Whoopi's comment! It made me cry! I just read the one about the new President Elect. My opinion differs from yours, but I'm postively going to support our new president because I'm American, just like you! I don't think it's just this election, I think it's the world today. So many are all about, me, me, me! It's disgusting! I can't believe someone would actually e-mail you drawing such a line in the sand because of a different opinion. Grow up already! I've only done that when someone was bashing my view and wouldn't respectfully debate.

    I love the curly Q scarf! Looking forward to seeing on in real life.

  5. Kathy... I didn't get that comment! My comments were messed up for some reason last week. I will bring a scarf to lunch next week!

    Mimi, I was the Queen of that lodge for 2 years back in the day when I was young, cute and thin. ha ha!

    Jeannie...Isabella means 'beautiful one' in Italian!

    Debora... Thank you so much for visting! I'm on my way to yours now!

  6. Well Golly Ms Molly, I say good riddance! She wasn't worth keeping if all she saw was that you were a democrat.

    I'm glad your scarves are selling so well. Those curly ones are neat and I can see why they are popular. Where do you sell them?

  7. Michelle,

    I need to learn how to sell them online here on my blog... but mostly at home boutiques, holiday work shopping boutiques, and my Mom's beauty shop and her office at Kaiser.
    I just finished a red curly one and it is gorgeous! I use a super, super soft boucle yarn. So yummy.

  8. That's truly pathetic, but Saundra honey there are so many in the world like that. Pretty mean. I mean, I forgive you for voting O. :)
    (just kiddin' honey...who else would you vote for anyway?!) I loved Sarah, but ok...maybe not for THE job on the planet, y'know?

  9. I know what you mean about people "labeling: you because of political (and religious) views... I actually wrote a post about it last tuesday/ Anyway, after I wrote said post, I lost a "follower". I will say that at first it really bothered me....but then I thought (like you did) "she/he won't be missed"

    ALSO-- where did you get that cute Thanksgiving layout?

  10. Melissa,

    Cutest blog on the block.

    i'm going to go read your post now.

  11. How sad,for her. ;-)
    I wouldn't miss your sense of humor for anything.
    Your scarves are lovely, you should consider setting up an ETSY shop..I have some
    blog friends with them and their links are listed on my can check it out and see it fit would work for you.

    I have to get back to reading more..I've been off the computer for too long.

    I agree on verification by the takes way too long!!


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