Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day!

I have made history today!
And so will all of you when you VOTE today!
Either way you vote will make history!
What an exciting time to be alive!
There was no line when I voted this morning.
I take my kids to the polls every. single. time... even when they were all under 5. I wanted them to get used to seeing us do our civic duties.
William is really into it this year. Yesterday, his High School had a Mock election and they learned about each candidate in depth over the last few weeks.
He now knows more about the candidates than half the people going to the polls today.
Too bad he can't vote yet. But for the next Pres. Election... he will be able to!
It's raining! It's raining! After 7 months... it's finally raining this week!
The firebugs are out of commission for a while. I'm so happy!
The weather is wonderful!
I mean... we actually HAVE weather!
I adore the sunshine... but rain is SOOOO needed around here!
More later, as the day progresses!

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