Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wed... sorta

I wasn't supposed to post my Workshop piece until tomorrow...oops...
so I took it down temporarily, and will go with a Pictorial of random pictures recently taken.
My men made Chicken stock on Sunday afternoon.
They loved the bouquet the fresh herbs lent it. I think Alex was just about to show me his belly. I don't know why... he's 12, silly, and I just don't ask questions anymore.
Everytime William brings his Football gear home for me to wash, Johnny finds it and wears it all over the house.
Look Mamala! William's head is soooo big!!!! Take my picture... please!!
5 years from now... he'll be wearing his own gear, and it will fit.
That makes me wanna cry.
But I won't... not now.
Now... he is still my little boy.


  1. Mama, your boys are sooo gorgeous. I am not a "kids" kinda person, but these ones are truly gorgeous...

  2. Your boys are really handsome!!! WOW, I am blown away!

  3. What gorgeous boys!!! :) You must be so proud!

  4. Braja, Crazy, Mimi, thank you all so much.

    That warms my heart. I adore them so.

  5. Your boys are soooo gorgeous! Looks like good times... go ahead and ball. ;-)

  6. Jeane, Michelle and Becky!

    Thank you! Johnny say's hi Bella!


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