Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Christmas Prank pictures

We hid the gifts... In my backyard oven...
Under a blanket... Finally, some real loot!
That thing is REALLY, REALLY awesome... you all should really get it for your kids!
He was graciously accepting. We gave him a watch, but he got to pick it out himself, so he got some other things that were just tad too young for him. My bad.
Now I know. He actually enjoyed the clothes.
My baby is growing up!


  1. You ARE crazy!! Good for you!


  2. LOL!!!
    Very ingenious and an idea I am saving until about 10 yrs from now!!!

  3. To be honest, I get a lot of flack for doing the things I do. My kids really enjoy the pranks, and they play their fair share on us too.

    Some of my family and friends have a cow that we do these things, because I'm not giving them the warm fuzzy, Charles Dickens Christmas they deserve... but I say... how many kids get to fly to New York 4 years in a row and spend Christmas looking at the windows on 7th avenue, or lately, get to surf the waves on Christmas day!

    So thank you ladies... for supporting my warped way of Mothering.


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