Monday, November 24, 2008

I took pictures of my men!

They actually did what I asked them to do! Look to the side.
Yes, he is staring right into your soul.
This looks like an album cover to me.
I accidentally put in the blurry one.
Hello zit! My facial retouch did NOT want to work on this one!
The future working hands of America's success stories.
Before the enhancements.
Nah... he doesn't like posing at all!
Who... me?
Just three bro's hangin out!
This girl that snags this one...
My Monkeys!
I am so excited!
I did a photo shoot today with my men...
We were supposed to be camping in Mountain Lakes, but since all three have soccer this week... still... we had to postpone our trip until our team obligations are fulfilled.
I took about 150 shots today... and that number is after editing.
I probably took more like 250.
I am very pleased with them.
Enjoy! I know I will!


  1. Oh look! There is Bella's future husband!!! YAY!! Awesome pictures honey - soooo proud of you!

    And now you've changed your background, yet again. I really like this one!! =)

  2. Love the new header (is the whole blog different?). Your boys are so handsome. :)

  3. Ha, I should have scrolled down to see that yes, your whole blog is different. Looks great!

  4. OMG!!! You are SO talented with the camera! Lord knows if I tried to do a photo DEFINITELY wouldn't look like yours!

    Such handsome men! :)

  5. What handsome men! The pictures are great!!!! They look so great. I went to a park and snapped away with my boys a few days ago and before I knew it I had taken 130 I GET IT!! It's addicting. Esp. when you simply adore the subjects! Keep it up!

  6. Thank you all! I want to see you little darlings too!

  7. I love those pics. You are one blessed Mama! Your boys are so handsome. Looks like you were having great fun shooting pics.

  8. Found you through SITS this night...hehe. Just wanted to tell you that your boys are extremely handsome. And you have a nice eye for photography!

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  10. ok lets try this again (not enough coffee), just wandered over here, love the "i haven't had my coffee yet button" and wow what great pictures of your guys!!!

  11. Mel, Summer, Ritch, Becky!

    So nice of you! Mel, Summer and Ritch!

    Welcome to my site!

  12. What a beautiful family you have!
    My P will not pose for me..anybody but me, yes. ;-)

  13. They are really handsome! If I were a teen I would be gaga for them all!!!
    Good job momma!

  14. Great pictures! They all look so sweet and handsome! How did you get them to pose so nicely????

  15. Rachael, good ole' fashioned guilt trips, the "Italian Eye", and lots and lots of life threatening.

  16. Honey your boys are gorgeous and it is TOTALLY due to that Italian gene....without a doubt :)

  17. Hi there,
    Becky recomended that her readers check out your blog. You have 3 fine goodlooking boys! Nice photos!


  18. Braja, Ruth...

    Thanks for stopping by! I had such fun taking those shots!

    Braja... that's what I keep telling my hubby! LOL!


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