Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What a day! What a day!
What a night last night was!
I am so proud of this country to see beyond color and vote a man in that really, I think, wants to change what has been so wrong with this country for 8 long years.
I really like McCain too though... his running mate??? Not so much.
I think smart women ought to be a heart beat away from the Presidency, not a woman like her.
She just wasn't my cup of tea. I don't think being a Mom with 5 kids and one of them challenged was enough to run a country. I kept hearing how much she was loved because of that... and hey... I have kids, why not pick me! I've organized 200o person luncheons before, I've met Marylou Retton, Bill Clinton, Ed Mcmahon and host of other celebs... pick me in 2012!
No... that's just not enough for me. We need a woman with Diane Sawyers brains, Jackie O's style, Maya Angelou's speaking abilities, Martha Stewarts business savvy, and Margaret Thatchers balls.
That's my opinion... its my blog... deal.
I am a Christian woman who just happens to be a Democrat. My hubby is Union Sheet Metal,
My father was Union Steel Worker when he came to this country at age 27,
My Father in Law, and Bill' Uncle are Union Sheet Metal workers, Bill was President of his Union for 8 years, has only missed 2 union meetings in the past 25 years, so Yeah, voting
Democrat is in my bloodlines.
Obama is a friend of Labor and of Unions... so hopefully jobs in housing, development, and good and services will start coming back home where they belong, and not overseas. Unions pay great wages... and without Unions, I would not have been able to be a stay at home Mama for the past almost 15 years,
I am really sick and tired of talking to my bank representative named
Abraham Lincoln with an Indian accent, trying to tell me what I want to know, and he's 9,000 miles away.
Today is a good day.
If today were the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I would be standing and marching with him, by his side... sick of oppression and segregation.
I loved last night... and today is a good day.
No, I am not one of those people that thinks he can do no wrong, and no, I don't believe everything he says... heck, I don't even believe everything ANYONE tells me.
If McCain would have been elected... I would feel the same way.
Quit blowing the hot air... and show what you got!
So now... President Elect Obama... you won... now make me proud and do what you said you are gonna do.
Today is a good day.
Whoopi Goldberg said this morning... today was the first day she felt like she could put her suitcase down and stay. What a powerful statement.
I am not a black woman. Oh... I suspect there may be just a little black in me, and if I ever find that there is, I will rejoice!
I have no idea how the black people feel, all I know is how I feel, and I have felt for them my entire life... and today, no one can EVER tell another black boy or girl, they can't be something.
There are no limits... and all those bigots out there are just gonna have to shut up and stand in line and take this. I, for one, think today is a great day.
For those who don't agree with me... don't hate... it's okay.
I have kept my mouth shut for 8 years, and I still love all of you.
Allow me this triumph.
It is a great day when a Brutha is elected President in a country that once enslaved them.
I will not turn a blind eye if he falters. Like when Bush lied about why we went to war, and everyone made excuses... no that can't happen. We need to hold our President accountable.
He needs to be open and honest, and not just do what he wants because fear is his MO.
There are a lot of haters in the country. Many, many bigots.
Pray for our country, pray for our President Elect.
Pray for his family's safety.
Just as I prayed for Bush's safety and his families safety. I did not agree with him on any level whatsoever... but he was still my Pres. and I showed him the respect he deserved for being my President for 8 years. But that reign is over.
We need to show this new man the respect he deserves.
He, too, is someones son, brother, father, husband, friend, uncle and acquaintance.


  1. I won't hate you if you won't hate me ;-) Great post. I'd vote for ya (teehee) the turkeys.

  2. YAY, I could not post for 2 days!

    I am so excited for this new era in America. I listen to people who are fearful of this presidency and as a good friend of mine said, I say to them "Welcome to our world" we have lived in fear for years. Obama has great potential, I hope he can live up to it. If he accomplishes only 1/3 of what he hopes too, he will be a success. Change takes time. Especially when you have to beat down prejudice, bitterness and apathy. I want us all to come together and work towards a better country. I want ALL sides to talk, to compromise. I am still feeling euphoric today.
    Thank you for your beautiful post!

  3. I am so happy.
    I agree with you and we are a union family here
    too! I was very disheartened by the anger of the
    right during this campaign...didn't they get their way the past 8 years? Did they leave the country better than they found it? I certainly don't think so, but I've been told I "speak my mind too often" lol.
    I am very hopeful we can all move forward and fix what's been broken.



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