Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Economic Rant

I'm curious...
Have you noticed the price of gas lately?
(I feel a rant coming on)
While it is ludicrous for us to think that $2.38 is a great price for gas... compared to what it has been... it is. But... I'm curious... why the steady and sudden drop in price?
Last year, millions of people were ditching their SUV's for Prius's, and buying bus and train passes galore.
Gasoline was being siphoned out of huge cars to smaller cars in peoples driveways, people were flipped off for driving a 'gas guzzler', me being one of the 'flipped off' ones.
Car companies were giving away gas cards as comer's to buy their cars... everyone was talking about 'staycations' because of the prices...
and now...
Oil is $55 bucks a barrel?
All of a sudden?
It can happen... JUST LIKE THAT?
I smell something fishy in this here United States.
It boggles my mind how our government, and all the powers that be, can manipulate our lives any way they want to, anytime they wish.
I am talking about EVERYONE in Washington, our Governors, our Senators, Assemblyman,
Mayors.... ALL OF THEM!
Do we LOOK like marionettes to them?
Why, for the love of pete, didn't they lower the gas prices when we were all belly aching over it and protesting it, and sending mass emails about not getting gas on Wed's...
Why... as soon as the economy takes a supposed huge blow, does someone decide to have a heart and tell us crude is down $50 a barrel?
Don't get me wrong... I see the numbers on Wall street, just like everyone else... I see the unemployment numbers, and they are up... I shop at the stores, I feel the price crunches as food
STAPLES go into the stratosphere.
Corn, wheat, milk, eggs, fruits and veggies are the ONLY THINGS taking a hit?
Why not sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soda, chips, fried foods, etc...????
It makes me soooo mad that items that help us LIVE HEALTHY lives are the ONLY THINGS that are going up cost wise... if they can manipulate the oil prices... they should be able to manipulate the healthy food prices too! yes? No?
It pissed me off that one can buy a 2 liter bottle of soda for 69 cents, but fruit juice costs $5!
I abhor being lied too... and yes, I know... the Government is one big ambulance chaser,
but please do not insult my intelligence by saying they didn't see the
'economic crisis' coming to quite this extent!
What part of...
"you shouldn't loan money to people who can't pay it back" didn't they understand?
They are supposed to be the most educated people in our country?!?
Once again... I am talking about ALL politicians... not just a chosen few.
We are being fleeced. We have been for 60 years or so... but it is becoming an epidemic!
Even in my small town... we were supposed to have a High School built 20 years ago... and it still isn't built! They, our council, spent 25 millions bucks on soil tests and other 'necessary' tests... and still, no ground breaking.
Here's how I feel about the current state of our economy.
If some talking head in Washington tells the country we are in a state of panic... everyone panics, and the economy takes a dump.
If some talking head in Washington tells the country everyone is prosperous and doing well, we are strong and looking to the future... we swallow that line of bull too!
I believe they have all the cards and play them to suit them the best.
If they see too many people starving... they'll make the price of corn manageable again.
If they see a lot of people buying Smart Cars, they MIGHT think about investing more in alternative fuels. It's all a game with them! It always has been... and I for one, and done with it!
They aren't allowed in my head!
They are not allowed to determine my future.
We need to think for ourselves!
We need to not allow ourselves to be bullied by bureaucrats!
Even if the economy really is in the dumps (I personally think it is a scare tactic)...look at our own circumstances and be thankful, prayerful and try not to panic.
Panic leads to making very bad decisions. It scares me that high thinking people are actually thinking about pulling money out of their 401K's.
Don't be hasty! Social Security may not be there for you later... that 401K is going to be your lifeline!
Start IRA's, invest in Real Estate.
One thing this scare tactic has done is help many see they were living WWAAAYYY beyond their means. I don't understand how a family can afford a 60 inch TV set, and a car stereo that can be heard for 4 blocks, but don't have electricity or food. (THOSE people live on my street)
Oh yeah... I remember now... credit cards. The BANE of our societies existence.
Ugh... I won't start credit cards again.
Okay...I got all that off my chest... for now... I feel a little better.
My friends... the over spending season is upon us.
Once again... I implore you...
Do NOT buy what you can't afford. If you need to put in on a credit card...
Purchase wisely, and only what you have cash on hand for.
Enjoy the holidays and after the holidays too... bill free!
I love you all!


  1. I honesly could not agree with you more!!! GREAT post!

  2. Amen sister!!

    And the last time oil prices were this low, gas prices were $1.50/gal. Fishy indeed!!!

  3. You know what I want to know? If Food prices went up due to the increase in gas prices, will they now go down because gas did?

    I doubt it!

  4. Jeannie & Michelle...IIII Know! It makes me so mad they think we are so dumb!

  5. Great rant. I agree completely and I am tired of the scare tactics.

  6. I completely agree with you. I wanted to let you know I think you are a very smart and talented writer.


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