Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Writers Workshop

MamaKat's Writers Workshop
1.) Write a haiku about what you see out the window. 2.) Begin with "I thought I saw..." 3.) If I could live in any era of history, what would it be -- list 10 reasons why. 4.) Write a light hearted piece on how to get along with an enemy. 5.) The first time you...
My choices this week are... #3 and #5
Here goes!
If I could live in any era of history, it would be... The 50's.
I would be a teeny bopper in the 50's-early 60's...
Here's why...
1. I like that Rock N Roll was new and everyone was jiving here and there, but everyone seemed to be able to do waltz, samba and other cool dances. Even the men.
2. I like that there weren't any blurred lines of who was a man and who was a woman.
Men were men, and dressed accordingly, and women were women, still in control, but not letting her man think she was. Women dressed up, in gorgeous dresses to go to dinner, and the men all wore suits. It seemed romantic to me.
I know... I know... I have been watching too much "Mad Men" my favorite show ever!
3. Cars were built to last back then. No plastic, all chrome and steel. Fins were awesome, and surfing was the 'living end!'
4. More Mom's stayed home and raised their children. Daycare centers weren't available.
Families ate around the table every night.
5. Most girls seemed to wait a lot longer to jump into the sack with a boy.
Back then, it wasn't unheard of to be a virgin in high school.
Boys and girls actually dated, and the boys were taught how to treat a girl like a lady, at least in front of other people. Nowadays, girls aren't taught to value themselves, and their virginity.
There are way too many bad role models for our young girls... some of them are their mothers.
It breaks my heart and makes me stark raving mad that we have daycare centers in high schools these days. Mama's need to teach our little ladies, to be just that. Little ladies. Girls these day seem to think they have to do such adult things to 'keep a boyfriend'. Are they kidding!
We also need to be teaching our young men, to be men, and to accept the word 'no' as NO, and to keep it in their pants. They'll live without it. No one needs to be a Mama or Daddy at 16.
6. There weren't as many distractions. Teens had to be creative to stave off boredom.
No Ipods, Gameboys, Playstations. Kids biked, ran, skipped, went outside and played all day long! Childhood obesity was unheard of.
7. All the greats were still alive... Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, George Burns, Virginia Mayo, Bing Crosby Danny Kaye, Bob Hope. No... I am not 80. I'm 40, and Sunday's were the days my Mama and I would watch old movies on TV together.
8. If I were a teen in the 50's I would not have been living in this country. I would be in Italy, where my parents were born and raised. Although I love USA, it would be cool to live abroad too. Having been to Italy twice, the last time was in 2006, my kids were sold on Italy.
It was love at first sight. They wanted to move there immediately. It is so much like our home of California!
9. People were more honest back then. They were much less litigious, and people seemed to look out for one another more. Now, it seems everyone is only for themselves.
10. When kids wanted to play a sport... they had to try out, and sometimes they wouldn't make the team. It was a good lesson to learn, and these days, there are an awful lot of kids running around thinking they are owed something just for showing up.
So there you have it. There are about 50 more reasons... but these were off the top of my head.
Now for #5...
Met Bill, I went home to inform my Mother that I had just met my husband.
The first time I...
Held my firstborn baby in my arms... the first words out of my mouth were to my mother and I said... "Oh Mama... I am sooooo sorry for everything I did to make you worry."
The First Time I...
Walked on to a stage to dance in front of thousands of people... I knew I wanted to be in front of crowds my entire life.
The First Time I...
Tried out for Star Search... I didn't make it.
The First Time I...
Traveled abroad... I did so alone... and it was thrilling!
The First Time I...
had my breath literally taken away from me... it was from something one of my babies did for the first time.
The First Time I...
Cried for no apparent reason at all for 12 hours straight, I was 17 and it was July 17, 1985.
The First Time I...
Kissed a boy.. I was 15, and he was perfect.
The First Time I...
Well, you know... did the deed.. I was way older than most girls... OKAY! Okay! I'll tell you!
I was 20.... Gosh! (Italian Mama, lots of rules, lots of terrible guilt... you get the picture).
I lost a lot of boyfriends that way... not putting out... but oh well... I have quality now.
My hubby's the BOMB in the hay! Oh my God! I can't believe I just wrote that.. and I'm not erasing it!
Okay... I'm done. I'd better stop before I tell you my blood type, and where my "happy" spot is.


  1. Great job on the writing assignment this week! I'm totally lagging and haven't even started!

    So you tried out for Star search? I take it you were dancing? You should blog about that!

    As for pampered chef be honest I don't remember who I bought it from. I went to a party a friend hosted and I didn't know the rep!

  2. You are so funny. I love that you were on star search. AND I love how you shared about you and hubs (pssst I was 21) :-0

    I liked the era you picked to live in. I agree that todays girls are too loose and need to work on their inner beauty.

  3. You did a great job. I picked the 50's too LOL. must be an italian thing (i am half italian LOL)

  4. Excellent post. The reasons you chose the fifties are so true. All your comments are right on the mark... and a tad wistful, too. We've compromised our morals, confused our gender orientation, killed a lot of creativity by settling for high-tech amusments, and used up our resources when when should have been recycling and conserving many decades ago. With the current economic downturn, I think our culture is going to go through som major changes...

    Also, your thoughtful first-time list was a joy to read.

  5. Love the post and I am so with you on living in the 50's.
    I couldn't agree more with the fact that so many kids thing the world should be handed to them. Drives me nuts.
    I love all your other answers as well

  6. LOVE your post! I would have loved living back in the 50s too! I hear my uncles and mom tell stories from back then and it just seemed like a MUCH better time!

    I also LOVE the second part of your post! Some of it actually made my eyes teary!

  7. Your husband the bomb in the hay? Lol, I loved that. You sound like my momma talking. Even though I'm nearly 18 years younger then you, you && I have the same values!

  8. I love your post! I obviously need to start watching Mad Men! You convinced me to want to live in the 50's THANKS!

  9. That was hilarious!!! When you were talking about living abroad, at first I thought you wrote "My kids were sold IN Italy!" I had to read it again! lol

    And I totally agree on the 50's!!!

  10. Love it!! LOL that my friend Toni picked the same era...I am going to post mine today and I am a different much for the Italian theory!
    SHHHHH, I was 26 when I did the deed for the first time!!!
    P.S. We wanna hear about Star Search!

  11. I loved the reasons that you would want to live in the 50's, nice.
    And if it makes you feel better, I was 19 my first time and it was my husband and I am one happy woman in the bedroom. Truth be told I am pretty happy every where else in life.

  12. pptpptptptpptpp = A big fat juicy raspberry :-p

  13. I loved the last part, though I won't repeat it. And I agree I would love to live in the 50's

  14. Those are some really great reasons. Congrats on finding a hubby who's the BOMB in the hay.

  15. GREAT POST! :-) Totally enjoyed it! I totally agree on the 50's stuff. If only things could be that simple. But then... we wouldn't have our blogs... ;-)

  16. Awesome post!
    The 50s would have been an exciting time!
    And I love all of your firsts!!

  17. A great read. And, yes, you stopped just in time! Thank you.

  18. Oooh I love your lists! You make the 50's sound lovely. :) And you have so many firsts that I want to know about. What was this cryiing for 12 hours business and what was wrong? Star search!?! You're practically famous.


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