Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mindless drivel

I have been a scrapping fool ever since I found that website...
I've done 5 albums (some only have 9 pages or so) and one
Christmas postcard I am having them print up and send to me.
I can't WAIT for my books to get here.
I ordered 5, of that photo shoot I did with my boys, as gifts!
I can't wait to give them!
We'll be having Christmas a week early, since we won't be home, so I get to give them earlier!
I have cooked up a brilliant prank to play on the kids again.
I get all giggly just thinking about it.
I need to get to the dollar store this week to buy up all the supplies necessary.
Ohhhh! I am so excited!!!
It's been a pretty good week home this week. Lots of soccer practice, for William mainly.
It was very important he made it to practices this week.
Since he was in football, and we went to playoffs, he and the other soccer hopefuls weren't able to join the tryouts until the season was over. So attending practice this week was especially
important to prove he wanted a spot on the team.
Final cuts were yesterday... he finds out tomorrow if he made the team.
Fingers crossed!
I need to get on the phone and let QVC know they took $470.00, not the 47.00 they were supposed to out of my account...
Lovely huh?
Must be bad karma from letting that 'friend' have it last week.


  1. Wow 470 instead of 47, yikes!!! Not sure I could be quite as calm as you...glad to know i am not the only adult who gets goofy about giving gifts..Hope the team is made!!!!


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