Sunday, November 23, 2008

Football Friday Night!

Will was 54 when playing Varsity, and 68 when he was playing JV.
Our team...Go Eagles! I know.. the blur... it's him... I promise.
The beautiful chapel
Friday nights little adventure was fun!
Right after school at 3 p.m., Alex, Johnny and I drove to Encino to watch William play in the CIF playoff game. Bill worked in Chatsworth that day, so he was there hours before us.
Traffic was fine... we made it in 2 hours flat.
William was on the team's chartered bus, and we actually passed it on the freeway.
William and I spoke on the phone to each other on the freeway.
Such a sweet boy... ha!
When we arrived, we went to Johnny Rockets for dinner, then headed into the stadium.
We played Brentwood High School, a private school for uber rich kids, but we played them at Crespi Carmelite High School, another private school.
A beautiful high school.
I was happily surprised to see soooo many of us in stands! We filled them up! There were definitely more of us than them, and they all live around the corner!
Their side kept trying to taunt us with their cheers... and we didn't engage.
They were pretty childish.
When the game was over, and we clapped and cheered... they all kinda stood in the stands in a stupor, not understanding why we were cheering. We lost, but who cares!
We don't live or die via football. ***
One little caviat to the evening... Jack Nicholson's son, Raymond was playing... and guess who was watching from the sidelines!!! Yep... Jack himself!
Some of the ladies from our side, primped their hair, and walked the half mile to the other side to ask for a picture and autograph. He was NOT HAPPY!
They came back saying he looked annoyed.
I could have told them that.
He was there to watch his son play football.
Bill and I see movie stars all the time at the beach and at Bill' job, he does a lot of work in Hollywood, and lots of them hang out at the Huntington Pier in the summer, and ya just don't bug 'em.
Jack didn't want a scene made... and after the picture, he disappeared into his GORGEOUS Mercedes 600 until the game was over.
We had to pass by his car to get to our car... we were about 4 spaces down... and he was talking animatedly to one of his cronies through the window.
The guy wears his sunglasses at night too.
His voice was liquid.
Johnny was playing leap frog on an orange street cone, and Jack smiled at him.
Johnny was clueless.
It was so funny, at halftime, our entire team walked right by him on the field, and not one of them noticed him... the coaches did, and walked slowly and stared... but the kids? Not a clue as to who he was.
I feel old.
Really old.
We lost... but not without making them work for it.
It was chilly for a change, and it was so nice needing to use a blanket.
So, the rest of the evening, the other ladies kept talking about Jack. My camera didn't get good shots.
It's still the old camera.
Maybe Santa will get me all the accessories I need for my new camera.
Tonight, Saturday... we had a wonderful dinner party for my Papa and my Father in Law, for their birthday's.
It was nice, and I am pooped!
I'm going to bed... to bed I said!


  1. There is an award waiting for you on my blog!

  2. Saundra,
    I came across your blog from SITS. Love your blog! I have three boys too....and I think any woman trying to raise three boys is a goddess!
    Oh, and I grew up in Southern California...Huntington Beach, so I enjoyed your Huntington Pier comment.

    Have a great Thanksgiving : )

  3. Sounds like you had a great time at the game! AND how exciting that Jack Nicholson was there! But...I agree - he was there for his son - not for autographs and pictures! :)

    By the way - I left you an award on my blog! :)

  4. Super Cute Blog and boys!!! Have a great day,

    Here by way of Boys will be boys!

  5. You can even make football sound fun!
    I think its awesome that you are teaching your boys that you can be proud if you win or lose!

  6. I love that you all cheered for your team even when they didn't win...lovin' all that love!
    I often wonder why people bug celebs when they are clearly trying to have normal family time.
    I understand at a publicity type event, but if they are with their kids..get a grip.;-)


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