Saturday, November 29, 2008

My retort.

I was so hurt and weirded out by this
"woman" that I said kinda mean stuff.
It wasn't nice... but she asked for it.
I said...
"What's it to you what I do with my time? I work my butt off for my family day in and day out.
I am THE chauffeur, nurse, counselor, chef, teacher, headmaster, maid, you name it.
I see everything they do... first.
Once in a while, I do stuff just for me.
Jealous much?
I can't help it if you don't have a life where you can choose what you do...
Happy Holidays... I gotta go...
I have to go untie my kids and make them eat dog food.
Sounds like I needed to vent? Yeah... she caught me PMSing.
Her bad luck.
I just walked off after that and went to Bath and Body works and bought the store clean.
I feel badly about what I said... but she didn't have to be like that either.
I know.. I know.. two wrongs don't make a right.
Did I ever tell you about my "foot IN mouth disease"?
I guess we all do and say stuff like that from time to time.
My forehead must say something like
"Go ahead.. be a jerk to me while I'm in the mall"
It's always at the mall.
I hate the mall.


  1. I get the whole two wrongs dont make a right, but some women need to hear these things. Ya know? I wish I could be more like you. One of my goals this past year has been to stop worrying about what people think of me and just be myself. I want to be more assertive, say what I believe, etc, without worrying about what others think. So, while you may feel badly about what you said, maybe it made her think about what SHE said. Maybe she needed to be put in her place and think about how what she says makes other people feel. It's not like you are this kind of person who just goes around speaking her mind not caring about peoples feeelings. That is obvious or else you who not have been affected by this whole scenario. Boy, I think I needed to rant too! I feel better. This may just be why I haven't been to a mall in over a year. I hate the mall!!!

  2. Thanks Ade. I do feel badly... but i just get so sick and tired of having to explain my blessings to people. They get so bent that we don't need two incomes to survive and thrive.

    Don't get me wrong... I 'work' but not outside my home... ya know?

  3. Oh, and Adrian... no you don't want to be like me. Nice is always better, in the long run.

    I have always been confrontational. It never rattles me.. I wish it did. I want to be more like you are.

  4. Okay, I'm behind and didn't read ahead before posting my comment before. I can completely envision you saying everything you did. I wish she hadn't gotten to you. You don't have to explain yourself to her! A good friend once told me, "Living well is the best revenge." Wait, that was you!!!! JK - please don't forget it!


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