Monday, November 10, 2008

Word verification... is it really necessary?

I gotta tell ya.
I have started participating more with this blog comment thing.
I joined SitS, and MamaKat.
I love them. I love all the comment love, and the new friends I have made...
The word verification junk!
It is killing me!
Really people...
It is too much!
Sometimes it takes me 2 minutes longer to post a comment because of all the windows, words, my email address is needed, then my password, then the comment finally appears... and.. then..
I'm exhausted!
Allow me to clue you in on something Blogger just came up with.
INTEGRATED comments!
Check it out on your gadgets list!
It is so great!
I understand you feel the need for humans only to comment on your blogs... that is the only reason for the word verification thingys, I've been told. But seriously... I have not had any robots try to contact me via my blog!
If I do... I will let you know!
I would be able to visit a lot more blogs during my 30 minute allotment I give myself to do bloggy things, if we all could just make it really easy and fast to comment on each others' blogs!
Okay... rant over.
I know I'll get a huge onslaught of comments on why the need for verification is so great... but really... just change your settings.
I love ya... I really do.
I'll keep commenting... but you can't make me like it... and I have started a personal list of NON VERIFICATION blogs that I know and love.
Please don't make me post them!
I feel so much better now!
Enjoy your evening!


  1. Oh no you are so right about that. I think I just changed mine but I am going to check on the gadgets to make sure I did it right. No I agree with you 100% there is really no need for it at all. Good post!!!!

  2. I agree sometimes it is a pain but I am so desperate for people to like me that I endure ;-)

  3. I agree! I turned mine off (or at least I think I did - I better double check!) because it bugged me to type it in in almost EVERY single blog I visit! :)


    It drives me crazy!!!!! And like you, I would be able to comment MORE and spread more bloggy love if I didn't have to do that!!

    And then I type the thingy wrong and it takes longer!!! I have a real hard time typing non-words!!!!! Blech!

    (rant not will continue I'm sure!)

  5. I understand completly. I think it is not on my blog, is it? I just get tired of posting all my info over and over so sometimes I do not comment. I want to, but I dont have as much time as I would like to go through that process!

  6. I finally figured out how to turn mine off!! :)

  7. I turned mine off too! It is very annoying!!!

  8. I use wordpress, I don't have the word verification (I don't think anyway, LOL) and I agree it gets annoying.

  9. Oh! I am so glad I am not alone in this word veri thing! Thank you all for curing my insanity!


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