Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Shopping

Yesterday... ahhh, yesterday.
Remember waaaay back when, earlier in the year when I posted that I RARELY, if ever, shop on weekends?
Well, I lied.
I shopped yesterday.
And the Nightmare begins.
We went school shopping... again.
I'm finally done.
Old Navy was having a sale on Polo shirts,
and tomorrow is the $5 screen print Tee sale.
Then it was off to buy shoes.
Holy Cow.
My kids have HUGE feet. HUGE! GIANT!
I wouldn't call them shoes as much as I would call them CANOES!
I asked the sales associate of they sold oars with them!
My, My, My!
So now William has enough clothes to not have to repeat for a year. NO! Just kidding!
He and Bill wear the same size shirt now, so I overspent because I thought Bill would/could enjoy some of the new clothes too. We'll see.
I don't know how well Bill will like having a giant Hollister logo across his chest.
They are awesome!
The Good Lord spared Bill having girls, because if I have this much fun buying for my boys, imagine how expensive it would be if I have girls!
I am a true bargain shopper too. I love sales. Love 'em! Never saw a clearance rack I didn't like. I hate paying full retail for anything. And I'm not ashamed. I just get lots more for my money.
So it was fun, exhausting, and eye opening again.
Some of the things out there for boys are pretty girl-like these days!
Orange and purple stripes?
Green and pink?
I'm old school.
Boys should look like boys...not wannabe "controversial"!
So... bring on school! We're ready!
At least I am!
I've been ready since June.
Nope, no hormones this week!
Come on Tuesday!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School Night part 2

So, last night was Back to School night for my younger two. Now that Alex is in Student Council, each of the kids was asked to represent an Outrageous First Friday that will taking place throughout the year, and of course, true to form, Alex chose to represent "CRAZY HAIR DAY".
What he wanted to do was spray his hair blue, but I can't stand that color spray, it gets all over the house, so this was our alternative solution to color. I was trying for the Sanjaya look, but he recently cut the top of his head open and I had to be gentle down the middle, so we had to be random. I must say it was very strange putting ponytails on my son.
Very strange.
I can't tell you what the Q-tips were about... I just nodded and obliged. I don't do that very often, so he took full advantage of the situation and my willingness.
I. Am. So. Proud.
So, because he is now in ASB, he was on stage, presented to all of us in the chapel, and announced as "Crazy Hair Day" model. It was so funny! I heard audible sighs of relief from many of the Kindergarten parents when they realized that his hair was NOT a normal occurence!
See, every first Friday of each month, all the kids in Elementary get to dress up in myriad of different ideas. One O.F.F. is Sports Day, another is Twin Day, another is Secret Agent or Pajama Day, and of course Crazy Hair Day, Alex's personal fave. Each of the kids in ASB dressed up as a representative of a scheduled O.F.F day.
Loads of people asked where William was. It was nice. This school goes from K-12, and since I pulled Will, they were curious.
Alex will be attending Will's school next year, as it goes from 7th-12th. And Johnny will be right behind him, if they don't end up having Johnny skip a couple of grades. He's finding Elementary school very, very easy. So we're having him tested. He reads at a 7th grade level, and he's in 4th this year. Last years teacher didn't have much to teach him (her words), and she thought he would better fit into the 5th grade class as far as academics go.
We'll see. Maturity is a factor. Last night he was looking at (pouring over) Will's Geometry book, and kept saying... "Oh, I know that, and Oh, that's a..."
Scary, very scary.
Yes, he takes after his Mama! Just kidding! I'm kidding! Calm down!
I can't add 2+2, which is precisely why I Majored in English and Composition.
Bill is the Math guy.
So anyway... Only a couple more days, and they are on their way to school.
Mama is ready for a break.
So ready...
There will no crying this week. Hormones have settled.
Thank the Good Lord Above!
That was awful!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School was...

Woke up this morning WITHOUT the feeling of dread. Progress.
Will got home from school last night at 8 p.m. with a smile and syllabuses.
I like his teachers already. Their senses of humor and candor exude from the pages.
We have a communication website called Edline, that the teachers post on everyday, and already William had results of work done in class. It came across around 11 p.m. last night.
It is an awesome tool to keep tabs on what's going on.
He'll even get his homework on it, so class time won't be wasted dictating pages and such. It'll all be right in one place, ready to print.
Bill left today for his yearly "hunting trip" with his Dad and buddies. I used quotes because the hunting is the last thing on their minds. It's just plain ole' male bonding time.
Guns, Ammo, Water skiis, no women, and total bliss for 7 days.
He doesn't realize that it is as much a vacation for me as it is for him.
This week, dinners won't be quite so formal, we might eat out once, and maybe I won't be soooo quick to do the laundry everyday.
Ahhh... bliss.
Man, I really need to get a life. The minute I start thinking that doing laundry less frequently is a huge deal and something to feel sneaky about... you know I've been home 14 years too long.
Tonight is Alex and Johnny's Back to School Night. They start back after Labor Day.
Alex gets introduced to his school as a member of Student Council tonight.
He also gets to see his entourage again. It's been an entire summer... they must be jonesing.
I get to go and be called "Hi Alex's Mom! Hi Johnathon's Mom" again. So cute.
I have no identity at that school... I love it.
It's early, Will is getting ready for school, and the day is just starting.
I may have more to write later. Pray it's good.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My letter to William... that fell out of my purse...

I am posting this because I will publish this one day... and you know boys... he'll read the hard copy I made him and it will end up in the trash... at least this way... when he is married, and his wife, whom I hope I will like one day, may read this, and try to understand just a little bit about why I am such a meddling mother in law and need to see my son, and cook for him, and make sure he is all right and not hate me too much.
Hello, my name is Mama, and I am addicted to my kids...
Dear William, August 27, 2008 On this, the very first day of the rest of your High School life, I want you to know a few things. First… I love you. I have loved you from the day I was born and will until the world is ended for eternity and beyond that. I have known you forever, but I only met you 14 years ago when you were born. How fortunate I have been to have been your Mother for these years. You bring me great joy and pride. I stand taller and feel better about who I am because I am your Mother. Please know that nothing you do good or bad will ever change how I feel about you. You are a part of me, when you hurt, I hurt… When you are happy, I am happy. My son, please be happy. Choose it. There are so many people in this world who will put you down, and try to lead you down the wrong path, or just try to trip you up somehow. That is how the world is. You, and your heart are not of this world. You were made and are being molded in our Creator’s image to do wonderful mind boggling things in this world, in preparation for time in His presence. Please know that your first task was to turn me into a Mother, and your mission isn’t complete. You have just begun. You are a man of honor. You are a man of honesty and integrity. You act more like a man than most men I have met in my lifetime… and you are only 14. Imagine how you will be when you are grown and on your own! You will be awe inspiring, with the same honor and integrity only burning brighter so it can bless others that meet you. We are going to have our ups and downs. I pray for only good days ahead. Continue your adventure in life, but be safe, and always concentrating on the Lord. Only He can truly be your guide. Dad and I are only helpers on earth. He blessed us with you so we can continue on our journey also. Choose wisely. Choose truth and righteousness, always. We are so proud that you are the student you are. We are so proud that you are playing football, but we are so proud of who you are becoming. We love you so very much. Be blessed by wonderful son. Today is the first day of your High School career. Make it good, and true and memorable, giving all glory to Him in all things you do. I thank Him every day he gave me YOU! Have a great day, William. Love, Mom
(Oh people, I am having such a hard time with this whole thing. I hope it's just hormones. I hope it ends soon. I told my Mama about it yesterday and she started crying too, remembering how it felt when I left for Florida to go to school when I was 18, and when I moved out and when I got married. She said it hurts for a while, and then it goes away. But now I realize, because I have sons, they may be taken away from me by the evil son stealers. I need to start the brainwashing again. "You will not move far away... you will live on the same street as your parents... you will not move far away... you will live on the same street as your parents... You will...")

High School Daze...Day one.

It's official. He's in High School.
I bawled my eyes out last night. So ridiculous!
I cried like I lost a limb or something!
I'm gonna be a basket case, needing lithium just to stay coherent when he moves out and is on his own!
Holy Cow!
I wrote him a long letter last night telling him how proud we are of him and how much we love him. I played sad music so I would pour my heart out. Yeah, pretty masochistic of me... but that's how I roll. Deal.
So I wrote it all out, put it on my purse for this morning, and it fell off, and I just found it on the floor when I got home.
Whatever. He'll read it eventually.
I just told him what I wrote about anyway, on the way to school. That's what's nice about having a little commute to school. Talk time.
He will be putting in 12 hour days. School until 3 p.m. then football until 8 p.m., then 6 classes of homework. I told him to enjoy the down time this summer, because I knew what was coming. This school is major serious about their academics. Their elective list reads like a major university's.
My baby boy is growing up.
It is as it should be...
but it still hurts.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh My God! I can't stop crying! It's ridiculous! It must be PMS! It's only High School!

To William...About to enter High School

Today... this baby boy...
The one who made me a Mama First...
The one who changed my life, my eyes, my mouth and my heart forever...
The one who smiled for me in his crib every morning
Wanted and needed only me to feed him,
Called my name when something went wrong
Asked me to marry him every day when he was 5 years old
Loves his Nana almost as much as he loves me...

Was my nap buddy...

And his Daddy's nap buddy...

Is starting High School tomorrow. I am having a cow people.

I have been crying and carrying on all day.

What am I going to do when he goes to college... chain myself to him?

I thought I could handle this. I thought I would be able to do this! I would give both my legs and arms to go back to when he was a baby again... to start do it better this time.

I need more time... more time with him as my needy child. I need him to still need me for boo boos, and dinner, and just everything.

Instead... now I need him to reach high items on a shelf, to carry in groceries because he can do them all in one trip, move furniture, check out the house if we forget to turn on the lights when we are out. Now... he is starting to take care of ME, to try and protect ME, tells me he won't let anything happen to ME. It all happened so very fast.

I don't know what I'm gonna do when he goes to college. I really don't.

I am just so happy with the way he is turning out. I am starting to see the man I only dreamed about when he was 2.

He is strong, handsome, quiet and boisterous at the same time, brilliant, studious, and a jock.

If I were a 14 year old girl in one of his classes, I would never get any work done. The best part is...he is totally oblivious to his power. I hope it stays that way for a little while longer. I am not the Mama what wishes for girlfriends in high school. No sireee Bob! Girls just keep boys away from their studies and Mama. Two things I am NOT ready to give up yet.

William, the next four years of your life will make memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy them, relish them, and make the most of them. I am so proud of you and the man you are becoming.

Thank you for being my first time being a Mama. Thank you for letting me practice on you. You have taught me so much in the last 14 years. Mostly... I got to see what my heart looks like outside of my own body. It is strong and lovely and true. May God place a hedge of protection around you and your classmates from now until the end of lovely son.

Congratulations on starting High School...

The best is yet to come.

I love and adore you.


Back to School Night

Last night was Back to School Night at Will's new High School.
I think "Back to School Night" is a misnomer.
I think it should be called...
"Oh Good, you're here... won't you join PTA, Booster, Scrip, Volunteer here, Head this, Man that,
Show up at Stupid O'clock for this, cook for that, leave a blank check here for all this,
and Oh! Here's your son's Schedule and Locker!"
But I guess "Back to School" night is much easier to put on a banner!
It was actually a ton of fun!
Lots of kids were there, I saw lots of families I didn't know were attending,
and were so happy they were!
The theme for the school year this year is "Care for One Another" and really building a sense of community within and without our school.
I jumped on the "I've got a kid in High School Football" bandwagon and purchased every single sweatshirt, hat, t shirt ladened, logo'd thing they had.
Will is gonna have a cheering section decked out in Black and Red!
There are families driving from Upland and Corona attending our school.
I am officially done complaining about my tiny commute. After all, it is my choice.
Will told me that someone asked him this weekend, where he was playing football. When he told him, the guy just said... "Awww, William, why there?"
'Uh... how old are you??" was the answer I wish he would have given the guy. He sounded like he was still in High School with the attitude.
Then Willam asked me if he (Will) was playing real football, because his school is small
(500 students in High School), to which I replied...
Do you wear full pads? Yes.
Do you run and try to push, pull, tackle, and protect your quarterback? yes.
Are there special rules for your team? No.
Did you know that you play secular schools too? No.
It's weird that people think because a kid is playing a sport at a Christian School, that
it isn't the same somehow. It's regular, full contact, come home bruised, ice this, bandage that,
full pads, mouth guarded, grunt, spit, get mean, get nasty, psych out the other team, football.
The benefit of Will playing here rather than our local High School?
2500 less kids, he will actually play offense and defense, because we only have 50 kids on the team, not 120 where 70% surf the bench in uniform.
So there... person who put down Will's school.
Neener, freakin, Neener.
I get kinda sick of defending my choice.
Oh well... can't end ignorance all by myself.
So last night was fun, informative, and began and ended with a prayer.
Such a nice touch.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Have you ever read an Erma Bombeck book?
Okay, make me feel really old and ask a question like "Who is Erma Bombeck?" and I might hafta hit ya!
I absolutely ADORE her and her writing style.
My first foray into her books came when I was in private school in elementary. Her books were some of the rare secular books available to us in the school library, and the title of it caught my eye right away.
"The Grass is Always Greener over the Septic Tank"
I have been a voracious reader since kindergarten. My Mother couldn't keep up.
My favorite field trips were to the library... hands down.
That book kept me in stitches, and then I was hooked.
My reason for this post?
I have one son that avoids reading like the plague. I have one that I literally have to put on restriction from reading, and one that reads every single day for pleasure, and one that won't even read a stop sign to save his own life.
And I am trying to find material that MIGHT interest him for longer than 30 seconds.
I think Erma Bombeck will do the trick.
I hope so anyway.
I met a lovely woman at Market Night this week, and she was passing out tutoring services pamplets and I spoke with her at length about Non Reader Boy.
She told me not to worry. She asked me if he CAN read. I said, " Of course he can read...I've asked him to read to me a lot this summer, and he reads wonderfully!" He's quick, knows all the words, sounds them out when he doesn't and everything! He just won't do it unless I beg or hound him to!
Wanna know what she told me?
"He's fine. He just doesn't enjoy it like you's okay..."
You know what?
I believe her.
I guess not everyone reads for pleasure.
I'm still gonna buy him Bombeck books though.. I think they are right up his alley.
Thanks for all your help.
I feel much better now.
See? This is why writing is cathartic for me.
It helps me fix problems occuring only in my own head.
Unfortunately, you are along for the dreaded ride when you read my blog!
Welcome to my nightmare!
Thanks for listening!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's all over!

The Olympics are OVER! No more excuse to watch TV all. day. long!!!
Or at the very least have the TV on all day while housework is getting done!
What to do! What to do!
I have to say... Swimming, gynastics (both kinds) Beach Volleyball, and synchronized swimming were my faves. Oh! And Diving! Oh and handball was interesting.
I have confess, I thought it was going to be literally hitting a ball against a stupid wall. I was pleasantly surprised.
I wasn't happy about all the showboating and carrying on in Track. Some decorum should be the standard in the Olympics, and I hope the next generation of athletes learns lessons from this year.
This week is Back To School week. Full of Locker parties, Student Council meetings, Back to School nights etc... exciting and worrisome.
Gone are the days of not caring what time they go to bed, how late we eat dinner, and what they do all day.
Back to copious amounts of homework, structure and routine.
You know... I finished school a long time ago, and thought I was done with all that, and I am reminded every year that my parents were SO FORTUNATE to have been new immigrants while I was growing up. They didn't have to worry about if they knew all my homework, or how to help me. They were just learning to speak English! What a blessing! For them!
I had to fend for myself.
Lucky dogs.
I'm EXPECTED to know everything by my kids. Johnny says stuff like...
"Come on Mama... don't kid me... You know everything! Help me!"
How am I supposed to burst that bubble!
So I trudge through.
My Math isn't so hot, so I defer to Bill and Will for those questions.
Ignorance really is bliss, I have figured out.
I love school. I can see their little minds crankin, smell the smoke from all the thinkin', the early bedtimes, the house all to myself, leaving the house whenever I want, not speaking all day long if I don't want to, going to lunch with friends, not having to say "No" and "Stop That"... HUH? Oh! Sorry, I'm awake now... just daydreaming again.
Yes... um... I just love back to school for all the good reasons for the kids! Yeah, for the kids. That's it... for the KIDS!
We purged all old and outgrown clothes today too. My gardeners kids hit the jackpot this time.
3 full trash bags full. Johnny finally has pants that are too tight in the waist. He always outgrows them in the length, and never in the waist... the little skinny critter.
So now their closets are ready to be blessed with new clothes.
MY personal favorite part of back to school.
So until tomorrow... happy Sunday Night!

My New Computer is here!

My new computer in my old, dirty office!
This is where the magic happens... people!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soccer Saturday

My big boy is home!
And I guessed it right... about 2 1/2 minutes later...I asked if I could return him to the
gym. Nah... just kidding.
He starts school next week, so I took the opportunity of having him happy and with me in the car to take him on a little shopping excursion for school.
OMG... I can't believe some of the boys "fashion" out there now.
The colors were... so...bright and shiny... not at all deemed appropriate attire by my manly men.
I mean... Pink and yellow and mint green shoes? FOR BOYS?
Are they kidding!
We got a huge laugh over some of the things out there in the mens departments these days.
As a joke, I filled my arms with tons of "gay" (for lack of a better term) clothes for them to
try on. We giggled and guffawed like teenagers.
We found some really awesome shirts for Will... he's in Men's XL now. So now he and Bill can share clothes... Awwww... How cute!
All of his school books have been arriving everyday from the various websites I bought them from. I am very proud of myself. The books SHOULD have cost $800 for all of them, and I got them all for $250 total!
Let's here it for!
This morning, bright and early, Will had Football practice at 7:30 and Alex had a Soccer game at 8 a.m.. We made it to both. Both Alex and Johnny won their games.
Pictures will be posted another day. Alex was pooped. We had no subs, and the last sport he played was baseball, which I call the "butt spreading sport" so he has some conditioning issues to deal with today.
So tonight, we are free forward to... I hope... going to the drive in.
No drive in... we installed my computer instead.
Windows Vista isn't bad at all! I've heard nothing but horrible things about it... but I like it!
I will post pictures of the new computer in a few days.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Frenzy

I think Will comes home today!
He texted me 30 times last night explaining the pranks that were being played on him and the other freshman by the Seniors and the Coaches.
He was embarrassed that they woke him up, and yelled at him that he was missing practice, so he ran up, got dressed and ran out the door... they were all laughing.
I thought it was funny too.
I didn't coddle him... I told him to suck it up and laugh about it. It was all meant in good, clean fun, and he wasn't the only one being pranked. Every freshman got it one way or another, and I told him he will be able to do these things to some unsuspecting Freshman in a few years.
I've never been the type of Mama that gets all bent about my kids being embarrassed by regular life situations or stuff like that. It builds character. A little embarrassment goes a looooong way in conditioning a person for adult life and being able to handle sticky situations.
I come from the philosophy that if I don't make a big deal about it, they won't either.
Kind of like picky eaters. I believe they are made, not born. It just depends on the parents attitude on the matter.
I went off one time, a bit loudly, at a baseball game, when his coach was belittling him, quite loudly, and childishly teasing him while he was on the mound. THAT kind of hazing... I just won't stand for. He was putting down my son's character, and I just won't stand for that.
So anyway... Will hopefully will be home tonight.
I feel like one of my limbs has been missing all week.
My friend Mari came over for dinner and master planning meeting for our attack on Las Vegas for her 40th B-day in September. We tried booking Manilow and Midler tickets, but they are both dark when we are there, and are playing before and after we arrive.
We are staying at our Timeshare on the strip, and it is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!
I booked our 2 bedroom suite, and it will be so luxurious.
I am really looking forward to the girl time.
What I WANT to do, is be silly. I want all of us to buy pointy sunglasses, wear head scarves, chew gum and wear disco ball sized earrings while driving there in a convertible, and talk in a New York accent with attitude!
I may have to do that myself, and embarrass all the rest of them.
I think I'll stay in character the entire stay.
I plan on using an British, Southern Belle and New York accent during our stay.
I have a whole theory about that when I travel... I'll have to post it someday... maybe tomorrow.
Tomorrow is our first Football Scrimmage and 2 Soccer games. Bill has to work, so I don't know how I am going to divide myself... but I'm sure I'll figure it out.
We women can do anything!
I hope your weekend is fantabulous!
I get my baby back... I'll be better when he gets home!
We'll see how long my being happy he is home lasts.
I give myself 2 1/2 minutes.
He is a teen after all.
I want him with me at all times... not necessarily talking.
Hee hee!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't Diss the Damsels!

Okay... I have another rant.
Remember... this blog is being published for my family, so I write whatever floats my boat,
so one of these days, my grandchildren will know how fiesty Nana Sandra was.
So... anyway... my rant is about the Olympics.
No, not the cheating Chinese, underaged gymnasts, not the fantabulous Michael Phelps mania, not the Chinese Platform Diver that says things like...
'I chose diving because I don't like to eat, I like to keep my weight under 80 lbs, so I chose diving so I don't make a big splash..."
No, my rant is not about her...
My rant is about those poor, gorgeous, mandarin collared, exquisitely dressed ladies that have the privilege of carrying the Medals and flowers on trays and present them to the schmuck that gets to hang the medals on the medalists necks.
Have you seen them?
They are so lovely... so courteous, so unflinchingly polite... and EACH AND EVERY TIME
some ugly jacketed Olympic committee members goes to grab the medal or flowers,
the lovely lady bows and looks right at the committee member in the eyes, and what happens?
Those ladies are just doing their jobs! The VERY LEAST the schmuck taking the goods can do is bow a tiny bit or look or acknowledge her!
Take at look at the next medal ceremony.
I may be the only person thinking or seeing it... but I feel so badly for those girls.
They just keep smiling... like they weren't just dissed like some call girl.
I was taught to say thank you for everything. At the very least, acknowledge someone servings presence!
I hope those lovely ladies are cursing them under their breaths.
Maybe they are paid to serve the 'ugly jackets' lunch and they do something "extra special" on their dishes.
I know... I know... I'm deviant.
I just hate hierarchy.
I think it's useless, especially in the Olympics.
But... I am the kind of person... that if I or someone I am with is not thanked or acknowledged properly I'll say something like...
"You are very welcome" (when he/she didn't say thank you when I've purchased something).
I have noticed that there are a lot of teenagers these days in the workplace that don't have even the basic's of what please and thank you are.
Okay... rant over...
Now ya know.
Don't you feel better?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I miss Will!

Will got his pads today...
Ya... freaking...hoo.
Now they get to run into each other... HARD!
On purpose... to TRY to hurt each other!
What barbarian thought up football anyway!?!
Certainly not a Mama.
He is so excited he can't see straight.
I am so excited I could throw up.
Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay!
Got my nails done today. I went in during my regularly scheduled appt. time, but my nail guy
was taking his hag of a wife and his sweet son to the doctors, so I had to go later.
No bother... I just went to Trader Joe's and gave Joe something to sing about.
I love that store too much.
I'm going to need to get two carts next time I'm there.
Last night, I had a show, and my Hostess came over early and informed me that she wanted to be a consultant!!!
I signed her right up!
I love when things like that happen.
I've always called myself the Accidental Director, and last night was true to form.
She is going to be a lot of fun to train and get to know.
She is a talker... like me, and we can hardly get a word in edgewise with eachother!
I miss Will!
I do, I do, I do!
I even think his brothers miss him! They would never admit it though.
We find ourselves calling for him from across the house... and he's not there!
Will texts me 20 times a day though... so we stay in touch that way.
I miss him.
Johnny slept in his bed last night. So sweet!
I'm gonna go get my big rear in the pool now.
It's hot... I'm not, gonna go anyway...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Monday Evening

See? Told ya I was at Market Night!

Some of my new wares for sale...

Cool Huh?

Betcha' thought it was STONEWARE!!!

This stupid tree kept spitting at me! It sure is pretty though!

Manic Monday

I finally got to talk to William last night!
I hadn't heard from him all day, and was getting worried!
He sounded tired and happy.
He haD so much to tell me!
He was one of the only kids that didn't throw up during a heavy pulling exercise.
He was told he would vomit from the exertion, and he was so proud he didn't.
Here was my reaction to being told something he was doing could have caused involuntary chunk blowing...
Bill then calmly pulled my phone from my ear, and talks to Will and says...
"Stud! How's it going? You didn't blow? Cool! That means you're strong, dude! Are you getting hit yet? Did you get your pads? How many people have you knocked down?"
I was incredulous!
All that stuff was COMMONPLACE!
And William was ENJOYING himself doing it!
He was going to plow into people, and vice versa! Soon!
I'm not stupid... I've seen football games, and have even cheered at them!
So then Bill says to me... "Oh honey... it's fun... he sounds so happy... hitting people is what football is about... it's fun"
Here's what I heard... "blah, blah, blah, fun, hitting people, blah, blah , blah!"
Oy Vay!
So last night, I did our little community Market Night. I am usually NOT a fan of doing those things, but I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME!
I met sooo many great people, and got my Mom a catering job with the city!
So cool!
Next month, it will be a proper Market Night, with fresh veggies and other produce, and they will shut down a street in town.
I can't wait!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Well... Will is gone to what is affectionately known as
"Hell Week" but because he attends a private Christian High School, we, the heathens, call it that. Everyone else there calls it "Football Camp".
He will be gone for the next 5 days, sleeping in the Gym, showering there, eating there, sweating there. I miss him already... NOT!
He is going to have SUCH a GREAT time!
Yesterday we kicked Camp off with a BBQ at a DROP DEAD, RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS, house of one of the players in Redlands. OMG! 4 of my house could have fit in that one.
It was built in the 1900's and it was just so lovely, and welcoming, and spacious.
It was so nice meeting all the players parents, seeing who we are going to be screaming, jumping and nail biting with for the next 4 months. I kept hearing how academically difficult this school is, and it just inspiring to see parents care so much about their academic prowess as much as their physical. Most of the talk, among the freshman moms and dads, was already on what college's our kids were going to apply to. I LOVED THAT!
I thought I was the ONLY ONE already talking about that with my kids!
I've always known it is too late to discuss that stuff as a Junior, and those conversations should start in Kindergarten... but it was so refreshing to be among other anal retentive parents
who worry about academics more than sports!
We have a great group of parents, and we all bonded immediately.
Because it is such a small school, only 500 in the high school from 9-12th, it isn't hard to
know everyone quickly, and really help keep an eye all our kids, not just our own.
It has a real sense of community that I just love about schools like this.
Nothing upsets me or makes me want to puke more than people that only care about what happens to their own families, to the detriment of others.
You know, the "I don't want to get involved" syndrome or the "Well, MY kids aren't doing that, so until they are... I won't help someone else" mentality.
So far... I don't sense that here.
I hope it lasts.
I do tend to be a bit cynical.
Saturday, Will went over to his school to help with "Clean Up day". He worked really, really hard and came home saying he personally painted 2 entire hallways. I just know that now,
when he walks through those hallways to school, he will have a sense of pride knowing he
did something to make them look so sparkling clean. How do I know this?
Because at dinner that night he said...
"I painted two whole hallways... if I see anyone even THINKING about dirtying them up, they will have to come through me!"
I think I'll make him re paint the entire interior of our home... soon... really soon.
Soo, he's gone for the week. We'll see if he has any hair left on his head by the end of the week.
He is a freshman, after all.
There WILL be practical jokes... I was forewarned by the well meaning coaches.
Hair grows back... so do eyebrows and leg hair.
It will be an interesting Friday, when we pick him up.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Contract Time!

It's contract time again!
Contract? You might ask?
What contract?
Why the Back 2 School Contract of course... silly!
Okay... before you think I have gone off the deep end and channeled June Cleaver, let me explain.
Every year, I write up a contract of responsibilities and expectations for my men to read and sign. Sort of a written form of all my yelling.
I spell out what is expected of them during the course of the year regarding homework, grades, chores, service hours, TV/Xbox time (or the fact that there won't be any) free time etc...
Conversely, they get to make a little contract of their own, requesting certain things they would like, and I take them into consideration.
Last year, Johnny liked the contract the way it was except he added a snack upon arrival at home before homework and emptying his lunch pail. I was more than happy to oblige.
William requested an Ipod to listen to music during homework... Uh... No. That didn't happen.
Alex didn't have any addendums.
They each have to sign and date the contract and it is in effect until the last day of school in June.
When things get a little lax, and they start trying to change the routine too much... I bring the contract out and remind them it is binding.
I have been doing it for the past 5 years, and they have become good negotiators.
They REALLY think about the impact of signing a "legal" document.
We all sit around our table, I read the contract, then give them each a copy for them to read for a little while, with blank lines for them to make any changes they want to negotiate.
They have bartered, offered substitutions, traded chores, and just all around put thought into their school life.
I like them knowing exactly what is expected of them, and I know they like it too. I put down an entire list of rewards they can choose from for staying the course all year through.
These last few precious weeks of summer vacation, I encourage them to get all the
frivolity out of their system.
What do they want to see? Where do they want to go? What do they want to do?
Is there a place they haven't seen yet, within reason?
About a week before school, they have to go to bed at their regular school bedtime.
THAT is always the first thing trying to be negotiated.
They need to finish up their reading quotas, brush up on the spelling I request from the next teacher, and...
and start getting up at 6 A.M..
Harsh? Yep. I am making men... a heady responsibility.
In my opinion, kids expect of themselves what is expected of them by their parents.
I ask my kids all the time if they think I am too strict in the school dept.
They emphatically say NO.
I am always shocked. So I have someone else ask them for me, at a time they least expect it.
Just for general information. Same answer.
No, I won't change my opinion or what I am doing... I'm just curious.
They know they have to put in hard time from Monday thru Friday, but Fridays I ease up a little unless there is a test. Then they get a true weekend... and if there is homework on the weekends, as there frequently is, they need to do it on Friday so they can have a stress free 2 days off to just chill.
Will's school has had and the younger boys school now has a computer system linked to my home where I can moniter, get reports, request reports and look at homework and grades online. SO COOL!
It's how I got Will's class schedule, Football game schedule, report card grade for Health class, (B+, no Shine Phone), document request for admission etc... There is a way for Will to get his information if he forgets it too.
Oh Gosh... I'm babbling again.
I forget the brain can only stand what the butt can endure!
Sorry for writing so long again!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Casa De Shaver Dinner and Theatre

Dinner is ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, dinner and a SHOW at Casa De Shaver.
Not a meal goes by when not one, not two, but all three of my boys just
HAS to stand up and do, say, or act out, SOMETHING that happened that day.
For instance... Will may be talking about some kid in class that said... "blah, blah, blah, blah"
Whatever it was... just anything.
Then Alex will feed on that, and do pick of his million voices, to say the "blah" stuff in a that special voice... then Johnny will jump up on to his seat (not to be outdone or outshined, and act it out!
Many a dinner has revolved around this type of theatre. When we have guests over... they have no filter. They just do it like always, no matter what the subject matter.
I never thought anything about it, and most times, LOVED mealtimes with them because we eat, drink and crack up for an hour a night!
Sometimes someone will mildly choke on a piece of food (unavoidable when Alex is in rare form), or need to rush to the restroom so as not to wet the pants (johnny) from laughing so hard.
Then we had a dinner guest not to long ago.
So there we are... trying our best to be on our best behavior (Bill and I) when one of them
makes a comment that the other two deem guffaw worthy. Our guest laughs and just sits back and watches the show that ensues. My boys are in a world of their own, laughing, eating, sipping, and trying not to choke, right in front of our guest.
Nothing is gross (this time), nothing is ill mannered (this time), and no food perished during the meal, nor did it land in an unfortunate place(again, this time)... but I could tell, it is a very strange way to eat dinner for our guest. The food is not the show... what and how my kids interact is. The act of eating is secondary only to the show.
My Father in Law is used to it by now. My Papa, witnessing our strange ways, commented on it once, and found out very soon that if you can't beat 'em... join 'em.
So he did.
My Mama cracks up with us, and when she is watching the kids, looks forward to mealtimes because this inevitably happens.
We don't know why it happens.
Yes, I have had a flare for the dramatic since I was about 15 or so,
but this phenomenon is foreign to me.
I don't think Johnny had EVER eaten a meal in this house that he hasn't gotten up and done some sort of acting, outburst, laughing, jumping or squealing in delight.
Can you imagine what will happen when my men come over with their wives and kids and continue the tradition? It will be the most fun place to eat a meal in the world!
How many people get to laugh hysterically during every meal?
True... Probably only WE find the stuff they do funny. (and their grandparents, or course),
but when they are married with kids, they will find it funny too. I just know it.
I am just really glad it happens here... I feel like it is a gift to me and Bill.
Something we will be able to hold on to and bring up and laugh about with each other and our grandchildren.
Cool. Totally Cool.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Frantic Friday

Frantic Friday...
That's what today is.
Went to get Will's contacts checked again today. They were running an hour behind schedule.
Such fun! We finally got a pair that have the right oxygen ratio and they finally
gave us his prescription. We also got his new pair of glasses today too. Very dapper indeed.
Tomorrow is ACA Workday and we are expected to attend. He will be cleaning up the Middle School Gym with his teammates, while I hand out ice cold water to all the hard working men.
Hell Week starts next week so we have to get packing for that. He will be living at school for the entire week. We need to get an air mattress, towels, shower supplies, etc... rounded up for his
16 hour a day practices.
All the Mama's are supplying food and drinks 3 times a day.
I am in charge of onions, lettuce, 3 dozen eggs and my Mama's Cinnamon Cake for the last
dinner on Friday. Plus, I am serving the men their snacks on Thurs and Friday of next week.
They are really eating only healthy, wonderful foods. Tons of fruit, veggies, power bars, etc...
I love that they don't advocate sugary drinks, and insist on water for the main drinking source of fluids. My kids ONLY drink water at home unless it is a birthday.
So I will only have 2 kidlets here next week.
Next week will be back to school shopping week. I am soooo excited!
I love buying them new clothes!
I love seeing their taste, and if my preaching about not worrying about what everyone else is doing and just do what you like, is working.
I don't mind a few name brand things... but when it starts to get to $150 a shirt... it's a little ridiculous, just for the stupid NAME! No way Jose!
I just like good quality clothes that they will wear over and over again.
William grows so freaking fast... he gets new clothes every three months.
Alex has hand me downs that are 2 years old, waiting for him to fit into them. Sometimes they get so outdated, I just give them to the GoodWill, to make room for all Alex's clothes.
Of course... Alex finds his few favorites, and wants to wear the same thing each week, every week. Uh... no... not on my watch.
Johnny, as usual, is just happy to be alive! Joyful for the sun coming out.
That kid lights up a room with his sheer joy at just being.
I'm thirsty... I need more green tea...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday doings

Whew! I am home!
I had such a nice day... I hope it continues!
Started out at 7 a.m. baking some bread to give away today...
had a nice cup of coffee, and got ready
to go out to lunch with my dear friend Kathy.
She took me to a great Mexican Restaurant, called The Green Onion. It was yummy.
She loves the salsa there, and I understood why when I tried it.
It was so nice being a girl for an couple of hours, chatting about this or that,
hearing about her storybook wedding. She has 3 boys almost exactly the same ages as mine, so we always have a lot in common and to talk about.
Kathy, today was delightful!
We MUST do it again soon!
Then it was off to the dentist for Alex today.
No cavities again.
That lucky dog, none of my boys has ever had a cavity.
So as soon as his name was called to go back, I told the nurse... "Lot's of shots... he's been mouthy lately..." He started cracking up... the office manager played along and said...
"I see here on his chart he is due to recieve pain, whether he likes it or not... Mama's orders."
He gave me look back, and broke into another smile and said
"You watch, I'm not gonna have any cavities, and then I'll be laughing."
He was right...
Did you know they have COOKIE DOUGH flavored flouride? YUCK! DOUBLE YUCK!
He chose mint, but he was telling me his choices... I gagged.
I brought the staff 2 boules of freshly baked bread and some honey butter for their lunch.
They found out I make bread because Bill was in there on Monday, and was apparently bragging. So I made them some.
So cool!
Then we headed off to do some school supply shopping, and some more food staple shopping for the school year.
And it's 4:00 and I am in for the night.
I've got to throw in some dinner, get the family fed, and vegetate in front of the TV to
Watch Michael Phelps win another gold medal.
Be back later... maybe.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mama's Time Out

I just kicked the kids OUT of the house.
I need adult time.
I need to not worry about someone else for 5 minutes.
I am going to give my self a facial peel,
read 25 pages of a book, I just finished the entire Twilight Series,
and I am going to listen to my Ipod as loud as I want and dance around my house...
I have forgotten something about myself in the last 17 years of marriage.
I enjoy being alone sometimes.
I actually crave it.
I have gone to movies alone since I was a young adult, and I don't mind going to restaurants alone. I used to do that all the time in college, I would bring my homework to a restaurant and do my homework while someone else cooked for me, and refilled my coffee cup.
Yes... I tipped well... I know how frustrating it can be not to turn enough tables in an evening.
When I was 19, me and bunch of girl and guy friends of mine all went to Ensenada for Memorial Weekend. It was crazy, fun and wild... but when I told the 15 other people I was taking myself on a sightseeing tour by bicycle, and would not be attending the Bananas Bash they were attending, they were all really upset with me and wondering if they had done anything to upset me. It took an hour to convince them it was something I had to do, and they did nothing at all wrong. I invited them to come along to be polite, but secretly I was thrilled when no one thought it would be even remotely fun or necessary.
They called me weird and anti social, even though I was with them for the entire other 96 hours we were there.
I has such a great time biking around Ensenada, talking to locals, eating lunch on the beach,
being a young woman taking every opportunity to learn something from everywhere I went.
All my friends spent every waking moment in the bars, and never ventured outside them.
It didn't surprise any of them when I decided the next year to go to New York City alone for 3 weeks, visiting family and exploring the city alone, and the next year was Italy, France and Switzerland alone for a month and stay with exchange students we had a few years earlier.
Those were priceless years.
Since being married and having kids, I don't get the alone time I crave as often as I need it... and recently decided to carve out some time for myself by being creative.
I have booked myself at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach for a rejuvenation weekend... alone. Just one night where I can do, be and say anything and everything I want to.
I plan on writing... long hand, reading, ordering room service, and having an in room pedicure.
Next month, I am taking my best friend Mari to my time share in Vegas, and she knows how I will need Saundra time, having traveled with me to Chicago last year, so she will understand my need for a few hours. There are lots of other girls going, and my Mama too! My Mama is only too aware of how I need my "me" time.
I know lots of people think wanting or needing to be alone tends to signal depression or sadness, but it has quite the opposite definition to me.
It is my wellness time.
Clear the cobwebs.
I love being around lots of people. Crowds don't scare me one bit.
I also love being the center of attention. DUH!
But I also like meeting myself where I am at from time to time.
Even if its just locking myself in my bedroom with my Ipod and cold glass of Iced Green Tea like I have for so many years. My family used to think I was sad or mad... they have finally seen that I come out of my little quiet space... refreshed and smiling, every. single. time.
Have you had your "me" time lately?
It doesn't have to be extravagant, just peaceful... doing something you love!
Go on... scoot... go get your 'you' on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jason's Dance

I received this e mail from a dear lovely friend of mine Bernie. She has 4 sons,all ranging in ages from 15 -3, all their names start with J, and they are so very handsome.
Bernie is one of those Mom's that is very hands on. Being in her house, you can feel the
energy and love oozing from the walls. She has patience, grace and is just so lovely to look at. Really stunningly beautiful. She will be one of those Mom's that her son's friends will be infatuated with... you know... a MILF. I know... vulgar... but true... we should all have those problems.
So... here is the e mail she sent. I believe Jason is one of older boys, either 15 or 13 or close to it.
I get all their names mixed up because they are so similar.
Read on...
Last night I got home and Jason was all dressed up..
I was caught up in the demands of the day and told him he looked very handsome. I tried to go about what I was doing and he followed me into every room.
I finally thought everything I was doing could wait..
I sat to talk to him and the first thing he asked was,
"Mom, Will you dance with me?"
I am so happy that I didn't get too busy to hear that.
He wanted me to put on my wedding dress, but settled for another "beautiful dress". His eyes lit up when he saw that I dressed up just for him.
He smiled the whole time we danced.
I felt how much he loves me and I hope he could feel how much I love him.
I just wanted to tell everyone please take time out once in a while and enjoy the moments that are so special.. It will mean the world to someone!
Have a good day..and slow down!~B)
Wasn't that awesome? I thought that was the sweetest thing any boy has ever done. Ever.
I got all choked up reading that.
Her boys love for her is a testament to what kind of Mama she is.
Be proud Bernie...
Be very proud.
I love ya, hon!

New Soccer Banner

Got a cool banner for only $29.95!
I was looking for a simple banner for soccer, in vinyl.
Forgive me if you love the airbrushed ones... I happen to dislike them... they look like graffiti to me, and I wanted something simple and stylish, and affordable.
$100 is a lot for graffiti.
So I shopped online, and found 123print!
I designed the entire thing, the colors, where the names went, and it just delivered today... I ordered it last week!
It even has the grommets in it.
I am having a Pampered Chef one made for me too.
I am so happy with it!
I am going to have one made for baseball and for the snackbar.
Just thought I would share.
It only cost the parents $4 a person, because with tax and shipping it was $43.
I am very happy with it.
It's easy to read, and simple.

I'm Hard Core Man!

So sad... Monday morning's escapade down the street was actually worse that I thought.
My neighbors and I have been on the phone quite a bit today trying to come up
with a plan to head the Clueless Wonders off at the pass.
I called the 911 dispatch back today to get the exact details of the arrest last night, and it was actually the 15 year old son of the Mom that was arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. He was sooo ridiculously beligerent during the altercation with his parents and guests.
I believe he needs psychiatric help. He is a disaster.
How bad does 15 have to be to do something and act like he did?
Apparently his older brother is walking around on a cane due to an altercation with his grandfather last week over his little brother wearing a shirt of his. The Grandpa came over to try and smooth things over... and...a little too late, I think, try to instill some respect for his parents in the older brother.
The older brother acually hit his grandpa, and during the altercation, the boys foot was broken.
Can you imagine that explanation when asked how he broke his foot or why he is using a cane at 18 yrs old?
"Hey man... 'sup... why the cane, man?"
"Oh, well... you know... got in a fight, man... you know... I'm hard core man..."
"Wow... that's messed up man...who'd you fight? It must have been someone you hated man... your FOOT is broken! I hope it was a good reason... that's messed up!"
"Yeah, my Grandpa went down man... HARD! And my bro, man... he won't be wearin my clothes anymore...remember, man...I'm hard core..."
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I swear... they are so clueless.
My neighbors have noticed them and their guests doing some very, very strange and totally disgusting things in their front yard. I won't elaborate here... it's too gross, but we will stop it soon.
The law is on our side... they are renters. The Grandpa owns the house.
It is bad.
We have complete and total idiots among us on this street.
Total infants.
So... on a lighter note... THE OLYMPICS ARE GREAT! How about that Michael Phelps?
I read an interview today about Mark Spitz, the one Phelps is trying to surpass in Medals from, I believe, the '72 games, or something back then. Mark is quite an egomaniac!
I hope Phelps wipes the floor with him in Medal count!
I'm off to bed now...
Hmmmm... I wonder what kind of Soap Opera the corner people will put on tonight!
Perhaps streaking? Oh! Maybe someone will be wearing the wrong shade of lipstick and the boys will beat everyone up in the house, and graffiti with the lipstick!
Such infants.
I woudn't put anything past them.
Good Night... Be thankful you don't live on my street.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Interesting early morning hours

I live at the very end, in the very smack middle of a cute little cul-de-sac.
Hardly anything get's past us, we pretty much see everything except my left next door neighbor.
We hear a whole lot too.
It's like we live in a noise alley. Our front porch is all brick and cement, so sound travels well in there, and is sort of amplified.
***I'm getting to something... bear with me.
I have been staying up really late, watching the Olympics live as much as I can.
They are so exciting!
But, I got really tired last night, kinda early, so I went to bed around 1 a.m.
JUST as I was falling asleep, I heard awful, earsplitting screaming from down the street.
(We have a whole house fan on at night, so our windows have to be open, and my bedroom window was open blowing wonderful cool air over Bill and me.) So I heard EVERYTHING.
The corner house is a house of volatile people. Forever fighting, drinking, screaming, and the cops are frequently called over there for various reasons. What I heard, this time, sent
fear straight into my heart for these extremely stupid, extremely clueless family.
The oldest son was screaming, "JUST DO IT... GO AHEAD... JUST DO IT!" and running up and down the main street in front of his house. The Mom was throwing glass bottles on her driveway screaming nonsense, just screaming. There were about 10 people over their house, but no cars near their house. I called 911, I was afraid someone was either trying to commit suicide or murder. It was horrendous.
The cops were there within 15 seconds of my call. I told the dispatch lady, "Oh sorry, the officers are already on the scene, I guess I called in vain." and she said "No, that was me, I sent them there."
I guess the cops were very, very closeby. About 15 minutes later, a Fire Truck and an ambulance were on site.
More screaming, more crying, more officers arrive.
They finally arrested someone, I even heard him read his Miranda Rights,
and I thought it was over.
The Mom needed to "clean house" and continued to thrash around on the front lawn, and throw out all things that make noise.
This same Mom, came over a couple of years ago, while eating a bowl of pasta, and confronted me on my porch and as asked me whether or not I was the one that called the police on them
for fighting with their friends on their lawn.
Of course... I said..."Yep, what's it to ya?... I live on this street too, and I don't have to listen to your domestic issues at all hours of the night. It sounded like there was danger, or a drug deal gone bad." That REALLY made her mad. She stormed off, bowl of pasta in hand, and turned around to tell me to mind my own business.
I just smiled and waived.
After that, every time we walk by her house, or my kids ride their bikes, she makes rude comments and when our boys lose a game and they know it, she says from her front porch...
"Ha Ha, you lost... loser boys!" THE MOM! Not the kids!
My friend, their next door neighbor, called me this morning to let me know she heard it all too,
and that she is DONE! I told her it was about time! I can't be the only one that hears this crap!
So we are going to go talk to the Dad's father that lives around the corner, and owns the house the screamers/drug dealers live in.
It has to stop. I will not bow down to hoodlums. I will not stand idly by and watch our lovely cul-de-sac be taken over by such rubbish!
They have to go.
So many people these days just keep quiet and don't want to make waves... and this is what happens when it is allowed to continue. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.
So... once again, I am going to put on my big girl panties, and with my hubby, and other neighbors on the street in a united front, and let them know this will no longer be tolerated.
I will not hide in my house and pretend it isn't there. I had it behind me with the Idiots, and now it's in front of me too, and I am done!
My kids deserve a safe neighborhood to walk in, play in, be in.
I refuse to let someone walk all over me and my family.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Some of you know them... well.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Night Frenzy!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for the most part... until about 6 p.m.
First, a little boring background about my dental history.
Last year, I had the 3rd of three surgeries in 12 years under a tooth that has had 4 root canals within that 12 years.
The last surgery garnered 13 stitches along my gum line, under my tooth on my jaw.
No big deal. I was awake and totally alert for the entire thing,
having never been put under for any surgery, 3 c sections, 4 oral surgeries, I can take it.
I am more afraid of going under than knowing what is going on.
So I always opt for staying awake.
But I digress...
YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN WHAT A TOTAL BABY I WAS YESTERDAY... when I was swimming around and all of a sudden, the crown on my 'problem tooth' just popped off...
exposing all the ugly underlayer stuff of all the previous surgeries and root canals.
I was crying like a 2 year old. I was so grossed out! I never worried for one second during or before my surgeries, and this stupid tooth sends me into a tailspin? What was that?
Luckily, I have a FABULOUS endodontist, Dr. De Leon, and he stands by his work 150%,
and one of his staff, opened up their office for me last night, and re cemented my crown back on at 7:15 p.m.!
Dr. Mendoza, the endodontist on call, took a look at the tooth and said it looked great!
I was dumbfounded... the undertooth was all black!
He realized why I freaked out so badly, and explained that they use black cement, that wasn't my tooth, but the old cement. Once he cleaned it off, he showed me my pearly white, albeit, small ground down tooth. I felt much better.
I was fully expecting to have to fork over $500 or so for the emergency appointment, and he waived me away! NO CHARGE!
I love my hubby's union insurance AND Dr. De Leon and his associates!
So my tooth is back on, all clean and shiny underneath, and I just have to make an appt, with my regular dentist to have my crown seated better.
I am going to bring them lunch next week for the office and some Pampered Chef products to the office manager that came over in sweats just to open the office.
If you EVER need Endodontic care.... request Dr. De Leon and Associates. They have 3 offices in Riverside, San berdoo, and Upland.
So after that ordeal, we settled into our previous plans to watch the Olympics, have Pizza and salad and other goodies picnic style on my family room floor.
Our boys were out at a church for a movie night, so Bill and I were alone for a few hours.
It was sooo nice!
We actually like each other still!
We know we love each other... that is a given... but to still like each other is way cool!
We don't get much alone time at home... ever. Never actually.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and it was wonderful to do a collective sigh of contentment when all the men came walking into the house, our happy, loud, sometimes rowdy brood home safely. We loved being alone... but it felt good to have us all under one roof. We aren't at all ready for them to be gone... They are still babies to us.
So... my tooth catastrophy handled, the boys outing a success, and the Olympics a lovely display of human ingenuity, it was a good Friday Night.
I hope your's was too.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Olympic over for 2 brothers.

Holy Frijole!
Both Hamm boys are out of the Olympics due to injuries.
Dominique Dawes says it will hurt Team USA,
yesterday our cyclists showed up in China with masks on... (I would too, have you seen how filthy their air is?) and they were chastised, and had to apologize.
Why apologize!?!
China's own people ride around every day with masks on!
I don't want our athletes lungs bursting open from oxygen deprivation!
I have my DVR set for RECORD for tomorrow night.
My favorite will always be the LA Olympics, and I think LA could stand to do it again soon
The Olympics really make a city conquer problems and fix them before the games.
We could use some fixing.
Bill drives all over the place in LA and Orange County every single day, and is just
appalled with all the things that aren't addressed on our freeways.
He is in Downtown LA today doing a helicopter lift of some sort.
He isn't allowed to tell me when its dangerous. I can't hear it.
We'll see who they have to replace our Hamm brothers in Gymnastics.
Poor kids.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words again Wednesday

Today was another day of pampering.
Apparently my eyebrows needed mowing again.
While I was having my nails filled, the woman that gasped when she saw my
'stache came over to examine my eyebrows, and said...
'You need eyes done today". Not a question... a statement.
So I threw caution to the wind, and let her give me a pedicure too.
What the hell.
She was getting money out of me for my monobrow, might as well make her day and let her make fun of my Fred Flintstone feet in Vietnamese.
She did a really great job nonetheless, and painted GORGEOUS flowers on my toes.
Then it was off to grocery shop. I got a little miffed. I noticed... just like everyone is saying, the packaging is getting smaller and the prices are getting higher.
Remember "Little House on the Prairie?" Remember when Laura needed a penny to buy a chalkboard so she could learn at school, and that penny took an entire episode to get?
Whenever I see prices going up, I always think about what
Laura Ingalls would think of a box of cereal costing 499 pennies more than her chalkboard!
Yeah... I just admitted that out loud.
Can't take it back now.
Yes, my name is Saundra, and I think about
"Little house on the Prairie" when price comparison shopping.
There HAS to be a therapy group for people like me.
Man! I LOVED that show!
I wanted to MARRY Manzo, and Pa, and the big burly guy with the beard.
I was DEVASTATED when Mary lost her sight!
Oh! I'm okay now... no more Prairie talk.
So today I let Will drive the car from the garage to the driveway so he could wash it.
I know, no big deal... but he was THRILLED!
He started that puppy up, put it in drive and drove an entire 20 feet.
He had the audacity to ask if he could drive it out of the driveway, make a 3 point turn and pull into the garage.
I, of course, laughed at him and said
"Are you NUTS?"
Laura Ingalls would never let her kids drive the wagon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday tantrum

Holy Cow... the summer is winding down...
This has been the most UNsummer summer I've ever had with the kids.
It has been non stop since school let out!
I hear it just gets more like this the entire 4 years of High School.
Will is loving Football. He likes the comraderie of all the guys, and seems to have fit in seamlessly. He comes home with lots of stories, and lots of smiles. Pray it lasts.
I just got the book list for his school that I need to buy.
I wish I had bought stock in
The kick back would be awesome!
Bye Bye new Ipod... Bye Bye new sheers for the rest of the patio... for now.
Books come first. ;(
I was on Amazon last night planning on purchasing the last installment of the Twilight series
Daybreak, and I caught myself! What the heck was I doing! So I bought 3 of the 15 books Will needs instead.
It's hard to be unselfish! I hate it!
I do! I do! I do! (picture foot stomping and a pout)
Found out yesterday that Alex has won his Election for Student Council at their school!
So, of course, there are meetings starting next week.
Bye Bye last beach fling!
Alex and Will are both looking forward to reffing for Soccer this year.
Mostly, they are excited about making money.
I informed Bill that I would like to take another trip to NYC next year, but this time for Spring Break... as soon as Alex heard that... he immediately made a list of all the stores he wanted to hit
on 7th avenue and Times Square for his shopping pleasure.
All toy and electronic stores of course.
Johnny wants to take the Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan again,
and Will just loves NYC for the entire package it has to offer.
He'll probably buy school clothes. He's kind getting into them this year,
and NYC is about 2 seasons ahead of us out here.
I just love that city period.
I can never get enough. I am not a fan of visiting places more than once...
but Italy and NYC are the exceptions.
I need something wonderful to look forward to. It makes the long days more manageable
when there is something off in the distance.
So... other than the first day of school bliss for Mama, NYC is my next stop.
I'm just so sick and tired of being a chauffer this summer!
The kids haven't had any down time!
So that means I haven't had any down time either!
That sucks!
Tantrum over... I've vented.
I'll smile now

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another new blog

I started another blog today.
"Oh, for the love of Bread" is it's name at
I probably won't post in it as often as I do on this or Cook Everyday... because I only like spending about 1/2 hour on my blogs a day.
I have invited other authors so it can be updated more often and not just by me.
You can check out of I updated it by checking out my blog list on my side bar to the right.
Cook Everyday and Stay Sane will continue to be about dinner, lunchbox ideas and just general cooking strategies and recipes.
Italian Mama Gone Crazy will continue to be my daily vomit of useless information. Sorry for the visual... just couldn't resist!:)
I hope you get a chance to check them all out!
As always... I truly appreciate all my readers!
Even my lurkers who never come out to play!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mama Mia... Here I go again...

Well I really messed up this time.
Those of you that know me in town... know that I love to get my kids' hair bleached out for the summer and fall months.
Well, yesterday was hair cut day... my Mom, the hairdresser, came over and cut all our hair.
I had the brilliant idea for her to show me how to achieve the bleaching results
on the 2 boys who wanted their hair bleached, at home.
Like ANY good cosmotologist... she told me that the results are NEVER the same at home as they are at the salon. After 35 years experience in being the daughter of a professional hairstylist... you'd think I would have heeded her warning... yet again.
She was gracious enough to bring the bag of goodies to my house, and I proceeded to paint the goop onto the kids head. We usually use frosting stuff, but because I wanted to be able to do this at home, she had to bring over stuff that wouldn't burn their hair off their heads...
because we weren't at her salon.
What ALWAYS turns out beautifully into a soft, natural looking, sun kissed, job in the salon,
She laughed and said she warned me.
We had to process twice just to get some semblance of blond showing.
Remember the episode of the Brady Bunch when Greg accidentally dies his hair and it turns orangey blond?
Yep, that's what I got on Alex and Johnny's hair.
Unfortunately... they LOVED IT! They didn't want me to re process it... but I just couldn't let them walk around with orange heads.
So, yeah, my Mama smirked... giggled, and promptly asked...
"So, in two months we'll meet at my salon for a real job of doing hair?"
To which I replied...
"You love really love this don't you?"
She just smiled... knowing she was right... again.
It must be good to be the Queen.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Date Night

Last night was fun!
Bill, Johnny and I saw Mamma Mia and went to dinner.
(Johnny got to hang out with us because it was his reward for not giving me lip)
Not exactly "date night" but Johnny thought it was WAY cool to spend time with us, and no brothers. Because he had no competition... that kid never stopped talking.
He had opinions about every little thing, every person walking by, his food, the movie, the sidewalk, you name it... he talked about it.
Bill and I just stared at him.
We both thought it was weird to have only one of them along.
After the movie, we wandered into a Chocolate store so Bill could have his fix,
and the lady ringing us up asked if Johnny was my little boy, and I said yes, but not before letting her know he was the youngest of three.
Like she cared!
Like it mattered!
It was like I didn't feel whole or put together without my brood with me.
What am I gonna do when they are all moved out and on their own...
wear a t shirt that explains my family tree?
What might it say?
"Hi, I'm Saundra, I'm 100% Italian, 1st generation, I have been married for x number of years, I have three gorgeous sons, ages. x , x, and x, no I don't have a perm, this is my natural frizz,
I cut my bangs too much, I love baking bread, and my favorite color is purple"
Puhleeeze... NO ONE CARES!
I really have to start editing my speech. hee hee.
I don't know which version of Mamma Mia I liked better, the movie or the stage production.
I have to tell you though,
I bawled my eyes out during the Dancing Queen part, when all the women from the village were ditching their chores to just run and leap and dance with their sisters of the estrogen persuasion!
It is totally something I adored!
I love when women realize, at their more advanced ages, that they really are just young, vibrant, lovely, sexy, fabulous girls inside, just waiting to be flirty and let it all just
be for a moment and enjoy being a girl, no matter what the outer shell looks like!
I could watch that part over and over a million times and I would cry each time, for the sheer
joy and abandonment of it.
It was magical.
I was shushed a couple of times for singing every single song from memory.
I had the 8 track of every Abba song made in the 70's when I was 10. I am normally pretty quiet in movies... but I just couldn't help it.
A couple of months ago, I downloaded all the original Abba songs to my Ipod, with Abba singing.
Bill was not amused. ;)
Have any of you ever seen the movie "Muriels Wedding" with Toni Collette?
It has all Abba songs in it too.
At my wedding, we had "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do" played during the reception.
In "Muriels Wedding" she walks down the aisle in a sham wedding to " I do".
Okay, enough Mamma Mia.
I have to go do Laundry now...
I do I do I do I do I do...